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Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:07 am

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This thread is dedicated for discussion on Civic 2010 Navigation Panel only.

I just want to post few ideas and want to know if that can be done. There is option of TV in navigation panel so is there any option on backside of the panel to attach antenna with it and will channels like PTV and STN work with it then. Or is there any other way I connect TV to that navigation panel.

Secondly, how do we use REAR Camera while not in reverse gear. There is a option of rear in Meny but when I click on it it displays black screen. There is arrow on the top right when I press it and enters code 0000 it accepts and give me option to confirm but when i press it nothing happens. (0000 is accepted while any other code it gives error)

Thirdly, my memory card SD is on FAT32 file system with 5 folders and 10 songs in each folder but the system does not play it. Does anybody know why and how can I use it?

Fourth, How can I update my maps and stuff because i think its outdated.

I have a trick to change the picture that you see when you switch off your navigation mode. Open the memory card in your computer and you will see that ROAD picture. Open the picture in Paint Brush and edit as you want. You can paste your picture or add text to existing picture. customization looks good. I have done that and it works. (To avoid problems first copy your memory card as it is to your computer as a back up)

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Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:08 am

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Yes, on the back of the panel there is a slot to connect the antenna, but I doubt you will get good reception as most channels are satellite now..

Rear camera can be used without reverse. The reason you get a black screen is that camera gets power from the reverse light. You just need to give the camera power and it will work without reverse.

Please provide more details on the 0000 code...

I have sd card which is FAT32 and have around 20 folders, each having around 100+ songs and have not faced any issue. Please elaborate what is the issue, is it not letting you go in the folder or just not playing.

As far as maps are concerned, they are updated by PAKNAV. They do not update the maps very frequently. Once an update becomes available it should give you a blinking exclamation on the navigation screen and you will have to go to their office to get the update. This is what the guy told me.
IMO, the map does not seem outdated, atleast for RWP/ISB.


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