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New Datsun Cars in Pakistan

Datsun is the vehicle, which was taken over the vehicle, Nissan Motor co in 1933. In the beginning, the plants were established for the production of massive number of small vehicles under brand name and it was set up to meet the needs of the emerging markets. The company started the first version of the vehicle in 1935 and models of this vehicle were exported to other countries. Datsun cars were the sign of the modern industrialization in Japan and the company grew the roots of this company to develop the vehicles for military purposes and other military related automated machinery to aid the soldiers during the war and also provide the edge to the country.

When the war was over, the factory facilities were remained under the occupation for a long time of about one decade and after that they resumed their production and it started working with Austin Motor co of UK. The production of the vehicle was enhanced and it got popularity like 1959 Datsun Bluebird and 1960 Datsun Cedric were finished. The company has produced the most popular vehicle, Nissan-Datsun and 1966 Sunny. The company has introduced Datsun 120Y, Datsun bluebird and Datsun Cedric as these vehicles are considered most popular because of its reliability and having low cost maintenance. There are the iconic sports cars, which are popular Datsun Fairlady, which is also known as Datsun 240Z. the Datsun company revived all new Datsun car models like Datsun Go, Datsun Go+, Datsun on-Do, and Datsun Mi-Do.
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4 Datsun Cars in Pakistan The government of Pakistan has awarded the Brownfield Investment Status to Gandhara Nissan under 2016-21 auto policy. Now ...

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Body type: five-door hatchback Overall length: 3,300 mm 129.9 in Overall width: 1,405 mm 55.3 in Overall height: 1,410 mm 55.5 in Wheelbase: 2,175 ...

the ignition foil of the joy is damaged, i have installed a new but again it got damaged after some time, now the car is standing in peshawar, overal ...

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