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2014 Honda N-Box Review, Specs and Photos

- Views 100 - 28 Feb 2018

It is reported that over 65,000 cars were imported in Pakistan in 2017. The latest model, Honda N-WGN custom has been launched and they are watching the detailed review of Honda N-Box. This is 2014 Honda N-Box GL package and the N series of the cars are part of Kei car range. Japan has introduced the car category with lower taxes with the incentives for people to buy and they drive the small cars in order to reduce the road rush in the city. The Kei car segment is lucrative for the automakers of Japan and the demand of the car is lower in home country but it is on the higher side in Pakistan and we have started the import of the small fuel efficient cars in huge numbers.
Honda offers three cars in N range of Kei cars:
• Honda N-One
• Honda N-WGN
• Honda N-Box
The N-One and N-WGN are more popular cars, when you compare to Honda N-Box and these cars can meet the different requirements. Honda has launched the N series in 2011 and the later was offered to sell in 2012. First generation N-Box was launched till mid of 2017 when Honda launched second generation of N-Box.


Honda N-Box Exterior

When you consider the overall shape of the car, Honda has selected the appropriate name for car and it looks like the box from outside with little stub at front protruding outwards, when you compare the rest of the box shape of the car. The profile of the car of front end is angular and squarish. It is a tall car but the overall width of the car is narrow. The front end design of the car is simple and it has the rectangular shaped headlights at top of the front end near to the bonnet. In the middle of these lights, you will find simple grill with chrome strip at the top and there is lot of vacant areas where the radiator vents and grilles are located.

This car has odd height and Honda has tried to make the upper half of the car user friendly. The users will get the massive front windshield with transparent side class where the A-pillars of the car are present. There are big windows in front and rear doors and glass of front two doors is transparent and glass of back doors are little bit tinted. The tint darkness is enhanced, when you move to the back side panel glass and rear windscreen.

The rear side of the car is pretty much straight and plain except the chrome with Honda monogram. The back lid will open straight making 90 degree angle with car. There are white transparent looking backlights. The rear back screen has wiper and they car has the keyless entry system and it allow you to enter in the vehicle easily.


Honda N-Box Interior

On the interior side of the car, there is dashboard design like all other Honda Kei cars. On the interior side of the car, the overall dashboard looks contemporary and it seems cluttered and kind of messy. The dashboard on the side of the passenger has couple of layers and you can put the stuff in glove compartment and there is cup holder on left side. There are relevant controls in the middle from head unit to a/c controls to gear level to start stop button. You get typical Honda steering wheel with media control switches on left side. There are three dials of mter and you have speedometer with different indicators and in left side of the dial, you can get RPM meter and digital display to show the information like trip meter, fuel quantity, temperature, fuel average on the right hand side.

You will get the eco mode button on the right side and automatic sliding door button and traction control button and the parking brake lever in the bottom next to brake pedal. The steering wheel is adjustable.
There are slide front seats forward and backwards and you can recline them. The driver seat comes with height adjustment lever and there is armrest between front and back seats. The seats have basic upholstery and it is prepared in dark fabric.

Performance of Honda N-Box

The car has 3 cylinder 656 cc engine and it has the weight of 930 kgs. This vehicle has 12 valve DOHC engine to make typical 58 BHP, which is standard for all NA 660 cc Kei motors. The engine is added the CVT gearbox and it makes 65 Nm rpm and it is surprise for you that 660 cc Honda motor is added with variable valve timing and it has AWD and turbo engine N-Box variants, which are available and it has the normal naturally aspirated engine and the simple CVT powers the front wheels.

Fuel Average and Fuel Tank

When we watch the rush hour traffic in big cities, this car will give 16.9 km per liter fuel average and this car comes with 35 liter fuel tank. The car can give the better fuel average, when it is equipped with start stop technology and you can get the better mileage in longer period of time.

Honda N-Box Comfort and Handling

This car has much space on the front and rear side. The first generation N-Box is only 4.8 feet wide and it has 4.4 feet wide for interior dimensions. Honda N-Box has the rear folded seats and there is big flat loading bed in back of the car and all the way back to backs of front two seats. You need to push the button on corner of backseats and you can flatten it forward. If you want space in the middle of the car, you can lift the seats up.



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