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Improvement in Car AC Cooling You Need to Know

- Views 0 - 01 Aug 2019
During this hot summer season, it becomes impossible to travel without suitable air conditioning. If you want to improve the effectiveness of the AC and its quality, you need to know some of the important information. Improvement in Car AC Cooling You Need to Know.


Car AC is comprised of five important parts, which are AC Compressor , Reservoir Dryer, Vibrator, Condensor and expansion valve. There is fan in the vehicle and it is necessary to switch on the fan to start function of AC. When you open the AC, fan starts its working. The fan grabs the air from condenser and it pushes it into the car. As much as fan works, the flow of air in the car will be better. It means that the air in the condenser will be very cool.

Some of the cars have more than one fans. The locally made cars have usually one fan. The most important part of the AC is condenser and it should be clean. Usually mud, dirt, filth and dust stop the condenser. If the small tubes of the condenser are blocked then their working capacity is also reduced.


Tip: When you get cleaned your car, you should ask the serviceman to clean the condenser. If they throw water on the condenser with great pressure, it gets cleaned and the cooling of the vehicle is also improved. For better work of AC, another important part of the car is fan belt, which is also called AC belt. If the belt is broken, rotten o r it is going to smash, then there is the possibility that the belt condenser will stop working. It means suitable pressure will not be developed and it will damage the working of AC.

There are the AC filters in the cars, which are also called cabin filters. The cabin filters can be seen in dash board near the vibrator and they are equipped with air ducts. The air coming in the car, passes through these filters. It is necessary that these filters should be cleaned. If they are not cleaned, they result in blockage and it will create hurdle in the flow of air.


After every 10,000 kilometers o r after every second oil change, it is suggested that you should get clean the cabin filter in proper way. If you want that AC works in better way, you should change the cabin filter after every 30,000 kilometers.

AQC gas is called refrigerant and 95% of the vehicles have a sticker on the bonnet o r radiator course board. This sticker carries the information that how much gas has been consumed. If you get the gas filled again then ensure that it should be similar type of gas. If you get filled the different type of gas, then the AC system will be ruined completely.

You should not try to get filled the cheap gas in the car as the cheap gas has lower quality and if you compromise on the standard of gas, it can damage the system.

Some of the vehicles have climate control option and the users can set the temperature at a certain level. After reaching to the particular temperature, the compressor stops working automatically. Unfortunately, a common vehicle has the sole option to control the temperature, when keeps it correct manually.


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