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Minimize Your Car Accidents Risk

Asadullah  13 Aug 2022   152
Minimize Your Car Accidents Risk

Minimize Your Car Accidents Risk

Most of the car accidents are happened due to the mistakes of the people. There is no motorist plan to get into the crash while driving, the accidents are happened even the drivers are vigilant. Some of the car collisions are unavoidable but you can avoid most of the car accidents. You need to follow few ways to minimize your car accidents risk. 

Stay Alert – today we became the habitual of multi-tasking but at the time of driving the vehicle, you need to focus on your driving and you need to engage yourself in the driving like eating, applying makeup, as they will slow down your response time, when you drive the vehicle. You need to note the road conditions and the vehicles, which are also running around you. If you feel drowsy, you need to stop the car at one side of the road and have cat nap or take a cup of tea or drink to become fresh for further driving. 

Leave Adequate Space – You need to have the space of a cushion between you and the car. If you have to apply the brakes to have a sudden stop, then there will be enough time to brake. You need to follow the general rules to keep distance of a car between you and the car running ahead of you for every 10 miles an hour of speed. It means, if you are driving the car at the speed of 50 miles per hour, there should be minimum five cars distance between you and the car ahead of you. 

Avoid Distractions – Most of the drivers use the mobile phones while driving. They call or text on their phones and their other hand is on the steering wheel and they sometimes look on the road and sometimes on the mobile phone screen to reply to the message. You should avoid all these activities and do not send the message, which are necessary for the safety of your car. 

Adjust to Weather and Road Conditions – You should be aware of the limitations of your car during bad weather. The car will take long time to stop on the wet roads and if there is fog, you should have extra distance between you and the car going ahead of you. 

Communicate with other drivers – if you want to communicate with other drivers, you need to use the signals. If you leave the blinker on or forget to use it, it can cause the car accident. 

Be a Defensive Driver – You should avoid fast driving and you should not expect that others will drive at the safe speed so you should be a defensive driver. 

You should also follow some other tips, when you drive the vehicle. The tips to check the tire pressure and ensure that they are in good condition and summer season can be good and if you go the place, where winter season is severe, you should make all preparation before driving on the snowy and icy roads. 

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