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2500cc Cars in Pakistan

2500cc Cars in Pakistan list consists of top 9 vehicles at 2500cc Cars in Pakistan includes Isuzu D Max, Kia Sorento, Mitsubishi Triton, JMC Vigus, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Fortuner, Mazda CX5, Lexus Nx, Toyota Camry, etc. See 2500cc Cars in Pakistan for best new affordable cars and cheap auto prices in Pakistan. Minimum auto price is 6900000 Rs. while maximum price is 29990000 Pakistani Rupees. 2500cc Cars in Pakistan listing can be seen online.

Isuzu D Max
2499cc,Diesel,Manual,8-12 KM/L
FWD, 2 Years 50000Km, 2 Seater
Airbags: 2, Driver, Passenger,Double Cabin
Kia Sorento
89.99 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2359cc,Petrol,Automatic,10-12 KM/L
FWD, 4 YEARS, 100,000 KM, 7 Seater
Airbags: Driver + Passenger,SUV
Mitsubishi Triton
2442cc,Diesel,Automatic,8-7 KM/L
AWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 5 Airbags,Double Cabin
JMC Vigus
100.3 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2400cc,Diesel,Manual,10-12 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 1, Driver,Double Cabin
Hyundai Sonata
109.3 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2497cc,Petrol,Automatic,11-13 KM/L
2WD, 5 Years 100000 Km, 5 Seater
Airbags: Driver, Passenger, Front Seat Side, Curtain,Sedan
Toyota Fortuner
144.99 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2694cc,Petrol,Automatic,9-11 KM/L
AWD, 3 Years 100000Kms, 7 Seater
Airbags: 3 - Front: Dual Driver + Passenger, Knee: Driver,SUV
Mazda CX5
150 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2500cc,Petrol,Automatic,11-12 KM/L
AWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6 Airbags,SUV
Lexus Nx
240.96 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2500cc,Hybrid,Automatic,13-14 KM/L
AWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6 Airbags,Compact SUV
Toyota Camry
299.9 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
2487cc,Hybrid,Automatic (CVT),18-25 KM/L
FWD, 2 Years/ 50000 KM, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6 Air bags Driver+ Passenger, Front side and Curt,Sedan
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