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Car Body Parts Names

When different parts of a car are assembled, they are shaped in a whole and finished car. The cars have main body parts including engine air filter, seats on front and back rows, windscreen, power steering, clutch, power steering fluid, spark plug, engine oil filter, automatic transmission fluid and others. The lights are included as tail lights and front lights with fog lights to give clear view of road at night. Battery and cables can give power to engine so that car can move. It has some necessary parts including cabin air filter, belts, fuel filter, exhaust system, classic lubrication, suspension and brakes have different functions, which can move the vehicle forward and backward and brakes are applied to stop or slow down the vehicle. When you decide to buy the expensive cars, they may have some luxurious equipment, which can make it classy and give pleasant look. The new styles of body parts can make the cars cool and sophisticated.

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