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Electric Cars in Pakistan

Electric Cars in Pakistan list consists of top 11 vehicles at Electric Cars in Pakistan includes Tesla Model S, Mercedes Benz EQS, Mercedes Benz EQC, MG ZS EV, MG EP, Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, BMW iX3, Audi e tron, BMW iX, Audi e tron GT, etc. See Electric Cars in Pakistan for best new affordable cars and cheap auto prices in Pakistan. Minimum auto price is 6250000 Rs. while maximum price is 34500000 Pakistani Rupees. Electric Cars in Pakistan listing can be seen online.

Tesla Model S
Coming Soon, Price in Pakistan
Electric,999 hp,628 km,1 hours5-6 KM/KW
Automatic (CVT),FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 8 Airbags,Sedan
Mercedes Benz EQS
Coming Soon, Price in Pakistan
Electric,350 km,
Mercedes Benz EQC
Coming Soon, Price in Pakistan
Electric,354 km,
62.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,105 hp,320 km,7 hours6-8 KM/KW
Automatic,other, 5 Years , 150000 KM, 5 Seater
Airbags: Driver & Passenger 2 Side 2 Curtain Aribags,SUV
100 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,380 km,12 hours6-7 KM/KW
Automatic,FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 4 Airbags,SUV
Tesla Model 3
185 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,346 hp,576 km,6.5 hours
Automatic,FWD, 4 Seater
Airbags: 10 Airbags,Sedan
BMW i4
202.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,340 hp,482 km,8.5 hours5-6 KM/KW
Automatic,AWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6,Crossover
221 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,286 hp,458 km,10 hours5-6 KM/KW
Automatic,RWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6 Aribags,SUV
Audi e tron
223 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,308 hp,300 km,7 hours4-5 KM/KW
Automatic,2WD, 5 Seater
Airbags: Passenger, Driver, Side, 6,SUV
280 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,400 km,8 hours4-5 KM/KW
Automatic (CVT),AWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 8,SUV
Audi e tron GT
345 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
Electric,523 hp,425 km,8 hours3-4 KM/KW
Automatic,4WD, 4 Seater
Airbags: 6, Driver, Side, Passengers,SUV
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