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Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Hustler 2014-2020 2014-2020


658 cc


51 hp @ 6000 RPM


63 Nm @ 4000 RPM


18-20 KM/L

2020 | 2025

Suzuki Hustler Model Variants 2014-2021 2014-2020

658cc, Automatic Cvt, PetrolPKR 2,860,000
Used Suzuki Hustler A Hustler A Discontinued so Used Car Price
658cc, Automatic Cvt, PetrolPKR 2,900,000
Used Suzuki Hustler X Hustler X Discontinued so Used Car Price
658cc, Automatic Cvt, PetrolPKR 2,980,000
Used Suzuki Hustler G Hustler G Discontinued so Used Car Price
658cc, Automatic Cvt, PetrolPKR 3,200,000
Used Suzuki Hustler G Turbo Hustler G Turbo Discontinued so Used Car Price
658cc, Automatic Cvt, PetrolPKR 3,200,000
Used Suzuki Hustler X Turbo Hustler X Turbo Discontinued so Used Car Price

Suzuki Hustler Key Specifications

Suzuki Hustler Key Features

Suzuki Hustler Overview

The Suzuki Hustler is a compact SUV produced by Suzuki Motors. It was first introduced in Japan in 2014 and has since gained popularity for its unique design and fuel-efficient engine. The car is available in both 2WD and 4WD versions, with a variety of engine options to choose from.


The interior of the Suzuki Hustler is spacious and comfortable, with ample legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers. The seats are made of high-quality materials and provide excellent support, even on long drives. The car also features a modern infotainment system, with a touchscreen display and Bluetooth connectivity.


The exterior of the Suzuki Hustler is eye-catching and distinct, with a boxy shape and vibrant color options. The car features a tall roofline and a high ground clearance, making it ideal for driving on rough terrain. The car's compact size also makes it easy to navigate through narrow city streets.


The Suzuki Hustler comes equipped with a range of engine options, including a 660cc turbocharged engine and a 1.0-liter engine. The car is also available with Suzuki's mild-hybrid technology, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.


Despite its small size, the Suzuki Hustler delivers impressive performance on the road. The car's responsive handling and smooth ride make it a joy to drive, whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating through busy city streets.


One of the biggest selling points of the Suzuki Hustler is its fuel efficiency. The car delivers impressive mileage, with some models capable of achieving up to 35 km/L.


The Suzuki Hustler competes with other popular compact SUVs in the market, such as the Honda N-Box, the Toyota Roomy, and the Daihatsu Rocky. However, with its unique design and fuel-efficient engine, the Suzuki Hustler stands out from the competition and has gained a loyal following among car enthusiasts.

Suzuki Hustler 2014-2020 in Pakistan ranges from 2014 to 2021. 2014-2020 Suzuki Hustler model variants includes A, X, G, G Turbo, X Turbo. 1st generation new car minimum price starts from 2860000 Rs. while maximum price goes till 3200000 Rs. at that time.

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Suzuki Hustler Pros and Cons

• Smooth ride
• Abundant features
• Generous interior space
• Pricey for class
• Undistinguished appearance

Suzuki Hustler Imported Variants

Suzuki Hustler new, used and refurbished imported variants prices in Pakistan usually from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China etc starts as following:

658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol PKR 2,860,000
658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol PKR 2,900,000
658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol PKR 2,980,000
658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol PKR 3,200,000
658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol PKR 3,200,000

Used Suzuki Hustler For Sale in Pakistan

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Suzuki Hustler FAQs

The price of Suzuki Hustler 2020 is PKR lacs. Check on-road car price calculator to find out more.

The fuel average of Suzuki Hustler 2020 is 18 - 20 KM/L. Check the complete specifications of Suzuki Hustler

The top speed of Suzuki Hustler is 140 KM/H.

Suzuki Hustler price starts at PKR 2860000 and Hummer H1 price starts at PKR . Check out a detailed comparison of Suzuki Hustler VS Hummer H1. is 140 KM/H.

Hustler Car parts are available on

Used Suzuki Cars for Sale in Pakistan

3,450,000 Rs.
198,000 Rs.
1,750,000 Rs.
1,250,000 Rs.
2,850,000 Rs.
105,000 Rs.
2,950,000 Rs.
1,500,000 Rs.
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