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Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Cost in Pakistan

Toyota Land Cruiser fuel consumption cost calculator for the Land Cruiser lovers. You can change the fuel types and see what if your Toyota Land Cruiser uses a different fuel. We have shared all countries list and fuel types with prices you can easily check and compare. Find out what charges you have to pay what your Toyota Land Cruiser will use the alternative fuel available in your country.

Toyota Land Cruiser
3445cc,Petrol,Automatic (CVT),6-8 KM/L
AWD, 7 Seater, SUV
Airbags: 13, Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain

Toyota Land Cruiser monthly fuel cost in Pakistan 2024

Change Country
Toyota Land Cruiser Variants
KM driven per day (Petrol)
20 km/day
Monthly fuel cost on Petrol
Rs. 23,623* / month

If Toyota Land Cruiser Uses Following Fuel Types

  • Diesel
  • CNG
  • LPG
  • ElectricHome
  • ElectricStation
Dangerous Env. Friendly
Monthly fuel cost on Petrol
Rs. 23,623* / month

Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Consumption Cost in Pakistan 2024

  • ZX Gasoline 3.5L

Toyota Land Cruiser ZX Gasoline 3.5L Monthly Fuel Consumption Cost in Pakistan 2024

Toyota Land Cruiser ZX Gasoline 3.5L 2024 (Mileage 7 KMPL) Estimated Average Fuel Consumption Monthly Cost in Rs. For Running Per Day
Fuel Type 20 KM 30 KM 40 KM 50 KM 60 KM 80 KM 100 KM
Petrol 23,623 Rs. 35,434 Rs. 47,246 Rs. 59,057 Rs. 70,869 Rs. 94,491 Rs. 118,114 Rs.
Diesel 24,311 Rs. 36,467 Rs. 48,622 Rs. 60,778 Rs. 72,933 Rs. 97,245 Rs. 121,556 Rs.
CNG 18,367 Rs. 27,551 Rs. 36,735 Rs. 45,918 Rs. 55,102 Rs. 73,469 Rs. 91,837 Rs.
LPG 18,367 Rs. 27,551 Rs. 36,735 Rs. 45,918 Rs. 55,102 Rs. 73,469 Rs. 91,837 Rs.
Electric Charging at Home 16,071 Rs. 24,107 Rs. 32,143 Rs. 40,179 Rs. 48,214 Rs. 64,286 Rs. 80,357 Rs.
Electric Charging at Station 28,929 Rs. 43,393 Rs. 57,857 Rs. 72,321 Rs. 86,786 Rs. 115,714 Rs. 144,643 Rs.
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX Gasoline 3.5L 2024 official fuel is petrol. The alternative cost is only applicable, if this car engine can use alternative fuel like Diesel, CNG, LPG, Electric etc.

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  • Interior

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