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Mushtaq KY10 2023 Price in Pakistan

1st Generation


1498 cc


110 hp @ 5600 RPM


143 Nm @ 4500 RPM


12-14 KM/L


Mushtaq KY10 Models Prices in Pakistan

1498cc, Manual, Petrol PKR 1,699,000

Key Specifications of Mushtaq KY10 2023

Key Features of Mushtaq KY10 2023

Mushtaq KY10 2023 Colors

Mushtaq KY10 Overview
Mushtaq KY10 is an exciting addition to the automotive market, offering a blend of style, performance, and fuel efficiency. It is a compact car that caters to urban dwellers, providing an ideal solution for commuting through crowded city streets. With its sleek design and impressive features, the Mushtaq KY10 is poised to attract those seeking a reliable and affordable transportation option.


Step inside the Mushtaq KY10, and you'll be greeted by a thoughtfully designed interior that prioritizes comfort and convenience. The cabin offers ample headroom and legroom, ensuring a comfortable journey for both the driver and passengers. High-quality materials and modern finishes enhance the overall ambiance, while the well-placed controls and intuitive infotainment system make it easy to navigate and operate. The KY10 also provides a generous cargo space, allowing you to carry your belongings without compromise.


The Mushtaq KY10 boasts a contemporary and sporty exterior design that catches the eye from every angle. Its aerodynamic silhouette, sculpted lines, and bold grille contribute to its dynamic presence on the road. The sleek headlights and LED taillights add a touch of sophistication, while the available premium paint options allow for personalization. Overall, the Mushtaq KY10 stands out as a stylish and modern compact car.


Under the hood, the Mushtaq KY10 houses a capable and efficient engine. While the specific engine options may vary, the KY10 is designed to balance power and fuel economy. The machine is engineered to deliver a responsive driving experience, ensuring smooth acceleration and easy maneuverability, especially in urban environments. Mushtaq prioritizes reliability, and its engines are known for their durability and performance.


The Mushtaq KY10 delivers a commendable performance that aligns with its urban-focused design. Its nimble handling and compact size make navigating through tight spaces and maneuvering around traffic easily. The suspension system is tuned to provide a comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and irregularities on the road. With its responsive acceleration and precise steering, the KY10 offers an engaging driving experience that is both practical and enjoyable.


Fuel efficiency is a significant factor for many car buyers, and the Mushtaq KY10 delivers in this aspect. With its efficient engine and lightweight construction, the KY10 achieves impressive mileage, allowing you to save on fuel costs while reducing your carbon footprint. The exact mileage may vary depending on driving conditions and individual driving habits, but Mushtaq's commitment to efficiency ensures that the KY10 is an economical choice.


In the competitive compact car segment, the Mushtaq KY10 faces competition from various established brands. Its rivals include popular models such as the Suzuki Ravi. the Mushtaq KY10 distinguishes itself with its attractive price point, modern design, and efficient performance. Additionally, Mushtaq's emphasis on reliability and customer satisfaction sets KY10 apart from the competition.
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Mushtaq KY10 FAQs

The price of Mushtaq KY10 2023 is PKR - 16.99 lacs. Check on-road vehicle price calculator to find out more.

The fuel average of Mushtaq KY10 2023 is 12 - 14 KM/L. Check the complete specifications of Mushtaq KY10

The top speed of Mushtaq KY10 is 95 KM/H.

Mushtaq KY10 price starts at PKR 1699000 and Changan M8 price starts at PKR . Check out a detailed comparison of Mushtaq KY10 VS Changan M8. is 95 KM/H.

KY10 Vehicle parts are available on

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