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IBD Motors

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Welcome to TPK, Lahore. It is our endeavor to make your car owning experience as unique as possible. To this end, we at TBK have invested in “state of the art” showroom to serve your needs.

As part of one of the largest automotive retailer group, Established in 1993 in the Lahore, we build on tradition, diligence and integrity. We offer selected range of new and used automotive innovations.
TPK Cars Lover
Posted by Anonymous on Sep 22 2016

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Level of Services

Very nice Collection
Posted by Anonymous on Oct 27 2016

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Buying Process Vehicle Selection
Level of Services


I have heard about you and wanted visit you.

2016-09-22 14:09:27Reply

Very good. This dealer is quite famous here.

2016-10-27 11:41:21Reply

Safeer Ahmed

Defence Lahore

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IBD Motors
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