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New Bmw Cars in Pakistan

The cost of a BMW cars Pakistan starts from PKR 16,560,000.0 for a brand new BMW X2 to PKR 76,330,000.0 for a brand new BMW X7. There are currently 10 new BMW cars available at authorized dealerships throughout the country.
BMW cars can also be easily found in pre-owned conditions, with prices ranging from PKR 950,000 for a used BMW 5 Series to PKR 80,000,000 for a used BMW X7. There are a total of 216 BMW cars available for purchase in Pakistan online.

BMW Pakistan

The history of BMW motors began in 1916 with the establishment of its first office in Munich. Today, the luxury brand has gained worldwide recognition as a top car manufacturer. In Pakistan, Dewan Motors Private Limited is the official distributor of new BMW vehicles. BMW's German-made cars are known for their performance, luxury, and power. is dedicated to helping users find the BMW model that best suits their needs, providing reviews and prices for new BMW models available in Pakistan. You can compare features, prices, and used BMW cars available in the country, and read ratings from BMW owners in Pakistan.

Technology and Performance of BMW Cars

It is widely acknowledged that BMW cars produced in Pakistan generate more power than those of their competitors. Nevertheless, the comparison between BMW motors and Mercedes Benz continues to be a subject of ongoing debate. BMW is keeping pace with the rapid advancement in automotive technology and has made significant contributions of its own. The latest BMW models are equipped with various cutting-edge features, such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assistance System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). These technologies ensure a safer and more comfortable driving experience for both drivers and passengers. BMW's hybrid cars have also been performing exceptionally well in the automotive industry. Additionally, BMW has installed charging stations in Pakistan, signaling the growing popularity of plug-in hybrid vehicles in the country. Many BMW plug-in hybrids, such as the BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid, are readily available in Pakistan and have proven to be popular choices.
Dewan Motors operates BMW dealerships in major cities across Pakistan. The cost of BMW vehicles ranges from 50 lacs to 300 lacs PKR. Despite their high price, BMW cars offer good value for money. For example, the BMW 3 series starts at 50 lacs PKR, while the top-of-the-line model costs 65 lacs. Recently, BMW has launched the X1 in Pakistan, recognizing the increasing demand for crossover vehicles.

Popular BMW Cars in Pakistan

The figures for BMW car sales in Pakistan indicate that the BMW 3 series is the most sought-after vehicle. While it is true that the BMW 3 series is a well-known car, there are other BMW models that have outshone it in popularity. The BMW 5 series and BMW 7 series have both performed exceptionally well in the Pakistani market. The BMW X1 has also made a significant impact in recent times and can be frequently seen on the streets. Furthermore, the BMW X5 and BMW i8 are rapidly gaining popularity in the Pakistani car market.

Availability of BMW Cars in Pakistan

Finding a brand new BMW cars Pakistan is a hassle-free experience due to the abundance of BMW Pakistandealerships and their widespread popularity. BMW car financing is also widely available in Pakistan and is a common practice. Most banks offer financing options for BMW vehicles, making it easy for you to purchase your desired car.

Final Statement on BMW

BMW is a company that prioritizes innovation and sleek design. Its goal is to deliver exceptional value for its customers, ensuring their satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

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Bmw New Car Models in Pakistan 2024

PKR 290 - 290 lacs
PKR 300 - 420 lacs
PKR 300 - 300 lacs
PKR 320 - 320 lacs
PKR 330 - 330 lacs
PKR 400 - 540 lacs
PKR 530 - 530 lacs
PKR 580 - 580 lacs
PKR 650 - 2350 lacs
PKR 740 - 740 lacs
PKR 860 - 860 lacs

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