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Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan 2nd Generation 2012-2024


796 cc


37 HP @ 5000 RPM


62 Nm @ 3000 RPM


12-13 KM/L

2024 | 2022 | 2011 | 2025

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Model Variants Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Key Specifications

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Key Features

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Colors

Solid White

Pearl Red

Silky Silver

Suzuki Bolan Overview

The Suzuki Bolan, also known as the Carry Dabba in Pakistan, is a long-standing mid-engine front-wheel-drive mini MPV that has been in production since 1979. With its reliable reputation and versatile design, the 2024 model brings forth a few minor cosmetic upgrades and a new Euro-II-compliant engine, ensuring its continued relevance in the market.


Sporting a distinct boxy design, the Bolan exudes a utilitarian charm. The front fascia features a flat surface housing square headlamps and fog lamps, providing ample illumination in various driving conditions. Moving to the rear, the van showcases a black bumper complemented by rectangular stacked taillights, accentuating its practicality and robustness.


Step inside the Bolan, and you'll find an interior composed of durable plastic and comfortable fabric. The cabin provides a functional and ergonomic layout, catering to the needs of both driver and passengers. The 2024 model introduces a new 4-spoke steering wheel, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Additionally, air conditioning is now available as an option, ensuring a comfortable journey even during scorching summers.


At the heart of the Bolan lies a capable 796cc water-cooled, OHC and EFI engine. This powertrain generates 27.5 kW of power at 5000 rpm and 62 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm, delivering sufficient performance for everyday driving needs. Paired with a 4-speed manual transmission, the engine offers a smooth and controlled driving experience.


While the Bolan excels in practicality and reliability, it is not renowned for its performance. The emphasis of this vehicle lies in its ability to transport passengers and cargo comfortably rather than providing exhilarating speed. Consequently, the Bolan is characterized by its leisurely acceleration and modest top speed. However, its high fuel consumption may be a drawback for some, necessitating regular refueling stops.


When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Bolan offers reasonable mileage figures. In city driving conditions, it achieves an average of 12-13 km/l, ensuring economical operation for urban commutes. On the highway, the Bolan demonstrates even better efficiency, delivering approximately 15-16 km/l, making it a cost-effective option for longer journeys.


In the competitive market segment of mini MPVs, the Bolan faces notable rivals. The FAW XPV, Changan Karavaan, and Suzuki Every emerge as strong contenders, each offering their unique features and advantages. Potential buyers seeking alternatives to the Bolan can consider these models, weighing factors such as price, features, and brand reputation to make an informed decision on their preferred choice.

Suzuki Bolan 2nd Generation in Pakistan ranges from 2012 to 2024. 2nd Generation Suzuki Bolan model variants includes VX EURO II 2nd Generation new car minimum price starts from 1940000 Rs. while maximum price goes till 1940000 Rs. at that time.

Suzuki Bolan 2nd Generation in Pakistan ranges from 2012 to 2024. 2nd Generation Suzuki Bolan model variants includes VX Euro II AC 1st Generation new car minimum price starts from 1415000 Rs. while maximum price goes till 1415000 Rs. at that time.

Suzuki Bolan 1st Generation in Pakistan ranges from 1988 to 2012. 1st Generation Suzuki Bolan model variants includes VX, GL, VX CNG. 1st Generation new car minimum price starts from 250000 Rs. while maximum price goes till 260000 Rs. at that time.

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Suzuki Bolan Pros and Cons

  1. seating capacity is Large
  2. Maintenance is Affordable
  1. Unstable when high speeds 
  2. Lacks of basic equipment
  3. Ride is Uncomfortable

Suzuki Bolan Model Variants 2022 2nd Generation

800cc, Manual, PetrolPKR 1,415,000
Used Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II AC Bolan VX Euro II AC Discontinued so Used Car Price

Suzuki Bolan Model Variants 1988-2012 1st Generation

797cc, Manual, PetrolPKR 250,000
Used Suzuki Bolan VX Bolan VX Discontinued so Used Car Price
797cc, Manual, PetrolPKR 250,000
Used Suzuki Bolan GL Bolan GL Discontinued so Used Car Price
797cc, Manual, PetrolPKR 260,000
Used Suzuki Bolan VX CNG Bolan VX CNG Discontinued so Used Car Price

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Suzuki Bolan FAQs

The price of Suzuki Bolan 2024 is PKR - 19.4 lacs. Check on-road car price calculator to find out more.

The fuel average of Suzuki Bolan 2024 is 12 - 13 KM/L. Check the complete specifications of Suzuki Bolan

The top speed of Suzuki Bolan is 120 KM/H.

Suzuki Bolan price starts at PKR 1940000 and Renault Duster price starts at PKR . Check out a detailed comparison of Suzuki Bolan VS Renault Duster. is 120 KM/H.

Bolan Car parts are available on

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