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Petrol Fuel Prices in Pakistan Today

Petrol prices in Pakistan have been hiking gradually and reaching at high with the passage of time. Here you can check daily petrol price updates & history in Pakistan. Here is all about petroleum products and new petrol prices in Pakistan as per today 30-01-2023 taken from OGRA and same followed by Shell, PSO etc.

Current Petrol Prices

After many price hikes of petroleum products announced by government, the current price of petrol in Pakistan is 249.8 Rs, High Speed Diesel is Rs. 262.8/Ltr and Light Speed Diesel is Rupees 187/Ltr. Government usually increase or decrease these rates on 1st and 16th of every month. CNG Price in Region-I is Rs. 190/Ltr and in Region-II is Rs. 195/Kg.

Fuel Type Price Old Price Price Change % Price Change
Petrol Euro 5 / V Power 280 Rs./Ltr 256 Rs./Ltr +24 Rs./Ltr 8.6 %
Petrol Super
پٹرول کی قیمت
249.8 Rs./Ltr 214.8 Rs./Ltr +35 Rs./Ltr 14 %
High Speed Diesel
262.8 Rs./Ltr 227.8 Rs./Ltr +35 Rs./Ltr 13.3 %
Light Speed Diesel 187 Rs./Ltr 169 Rs./Ltr +18 Rs./Ltr 9.6 %
Kerosene Oil
مٹی کا تیل
189.83 Rs./Ltr 171.83 Rs./Ltr +18 Rs./Ltr 9.5 %
CNG Region 1
سی این جی
190 Rs./KG 190 Rs./KG - -
CNG Region 2
سی این جی
195 Rs./KG 195 Rs./KG - -
Electricity Home
گھر کی بجلی
40 Rs./Kw 40 Rs./Kw - -
Electricity Station
کار چارجنگ اسٹیشن بجلی
110 Rs./Kw 110 Rs./Kw - -
آپ کی گاڑی کتنا پیٹرول کھاتی ہے۔

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Petrol Prices in World

Currency: Country Order:
# Country Petrol Diesel CNG LPG Electric
Home/ Station
1Afghanistan 225.8 PKR260.6 PKR-205.4 PKR10.1/ - PKR
2Albania 428.9 PKR486.7 PKR-156.7 PKR23.5/ - PKR
3Algeria 77.8 PKR49.1 PKR0.7 PKR15.3 PKR8.9/ - PKR
4Andorra 406.6 PKR398.1 PKR---
5Angola 74 PKR62.5 PKR-46.3 PKR5.4/ - PKR
6Argentina 244.6 PKR287.9 PKR1.6 PKR-8.9/ - PKR
7Armenia ----23.7/ 19.3 PKR
8Aruba 351.3 PKR371.8 PKR--43.5/ - PKR
9Australia 268.6 PKR320.3 PKR17.2 PKR110.9 PKR50.1/ - PKR
10Austria 403.3 PKR448.4 PKR39.2 PKR-75.2/ - PKR
11Azerbaijan 138.2 PKR110.7 PKR3.3 PKR89.8 PKR11/ - PKR
12Bahamas 369.9 PKR356.7 PKR--61.6/ - PKR
13Bahrain 124.8 PKR112.1 PKR3.1 PKR-11.3/ - PKR
14Bangladesh 298.2 PKR250 PKR2.6 PKR-12.9/ - PKR
15Barbados 482 PKR454 PKR21.2 PKR-74.7/ - PKR
16Belarus 228.9 PKR228.9 PKR1.2 PKR122.7 PKR21.6/ - PKR
17Belgium 453.3 PKR448.6 PKR36.2 PKR183.5 PKR99.2/ - PKR
18Belize 415.7 PKR413.1 PKR--51/ - PKR
19Benin 239 PKR257.3 PKR---
20Bermuda ----92.8/ - PKR
21Bhutan 236.4 PKR280.4 PKR--3.8/ - PKR
22Bolivia 127.1 PKR126.7 PKR--27.7/ - PKR
23Bosnia Herz 355.8 PKR420.7 PKR-195.5 PKR21.9/ - PKR
24Botswana 265.1 PKR318 PKR--23/ - PKR
25Brazil 221.4 PKR293.3 PKR44.9 PKR-44.9/ - PKR
26Bulgaria 337.7 PKR400 PKR21.2 PKR118.7 PKR29.8/ - PKR
27Burkina Faso 275.7 PKR248.2 PKR--45.4/ - PKR
28Burma 251.5 PKR283.9 PKR--6.8/ - PKR
29Burundi 371.1 PKR393.9 PKR---
30C Afr Rep 551.5 PKR325.5 PKR---
31Cambodia 301 PKR283.9 PKR-130.7 PKR34.5/ - PKR
32Cameroon 231.7 PKR211.5 PKR--18.3/ - PKR
33Canada 315.1 PKR389.6 PKR8.2 PKR224.9 PKR27.5/ - PKR
34Cape Verde 316.1 PKR380.9 PKR--69.3/ - PKR
35Cayman Islands 381.4 PKR395.5 PKR--83.2/ - PKR
36Central African Rep 542.6 PKR320.1 PKR---
37Chad 210.6 PKR222.8 PKR---
38Chile 355.1 PKR310 PKR23.3 PKR157.9 PKR36.2/ - PKR
39China 294 PKR263.2 PKR--17.9/ - PKR
40Colombia 120.6 PKR113.5 PKR10.1 PKR-29.6/ - PKR
41Costa Rica 307.9 PKR319.1 PKR--28/ - PKR
42Croatia 389.9 PKR436.6 PKR-220.2 PKR33.4/ - PKR
43Cuba 296.1 PKR246.8 PKR--7.1/ - PKR
44Curacao 306.4 PKR286.2 PKR---
45Cyprus 371.3 PKR440.6 PKR--61.8/ - PKR
46Czech Republic 403.7 PKR428.2 PKR33.6 PKR184 PKR72.1/ - PKR
47Denmark 470.9 PKR470.9 PKR46.5 PKR-112.6/ - PKR
48Dominica 303.9 PKR318.7 PKR---
49Dominican Republic 335.3 PKR253.1 PKR-168.5 PKR22.1/ - PKR
50DR Congo 309 PKR307.9 PKR--19/ - PKR
51Ecuador 149 PKR108.6 PKR--22.6/ - PKR
52Egypt 103.2 PKR69.6 PKR--8/ - PKR
53El Salvador 267.7 PKR257.1 PKR--53.8/ - PKR
54Estonia 445.3 PKR459.7 PKR-210.8 PKR77.6/ - PKR
55Ethiopia 252.9 PKR265.6 PKR--1.6/ - PKR
56Fiji 297.7 PKR312.6 PKR-220 PKR-
57Finland 479.4 PKR521 PKR--53.8/ - PKR
58France 423.9 PKR461.5 PKR28.2 PKR215.3 PKR44.7/ - PKR
59Gabon 222.5 PKR215 PKR--45.1/ - PKR
60Georgia 284.6 PKR345.2 PKR-173.2 PKR17.2/ - PKR
61Germany 433.6 PKR461.3 PKR51.5 PKR265.1 PKR106.9/ - PKR
62Ghana 296.3 PKR365.9 PKR--5.9/ - PKR
63Greece 496.8 PKR482.7 PKR29.4 PKR241.1 PKR45.4/ - PKR
64Grenada 251.2 PKR297.3 PKR---
65Guatemala 278 PKR292.8 PKR--61.6/ - PKR
66Guinea 322.2 PKR322.2 PKR---
67Guyana 241.8 PKR281.3 PKR---
68Haiti 256.4 PKR301.3 PKR---
69Honduras 289.8 PKR269.8 PKR-115.2 PKR56.6/ - PKR
70Hong Kong 694.2 PKR643.4 PKR32.9 PKR-37.6/ - PKR
71Hungary 397.6 PKR442.3 PKR6.1 PKR239 PKR22.3/ - PKR
72Iceland 539.8 PKR549.4 PKR--32.7/ - PKR
73India 299.6 PKR268.8 PKR-176.7 PKR17.4/ - PKR
74Indonesia 204.2 PKR282.7 PKR--21.6/ - PKR
75Iran 12.5 PKR2.6 PKR0.2 PKR-1.2/ - PKR
76Iraq 120.8 PKR---3.1/ - PKR
77Ireland 438.7 PKR490.2 PKR19.5 PKR-68.6/ - PKR
78Israel 451.7 PKR429.1 PKR-239 PKR39.2/ - PKR
79Italy 405.8 PKR429.3 PKR39.5 PKR187.1 PKR74.3/ - PKR
80Ivory Coast 284.8 PKR240.9 PKR--26.8/ - PKR
81Jamaica 335.3 PKR410.5 PKR--79.7/ - PKR
82Japan 270.7 PKR236.4 PKR26.1 PKR-53.3/ - PKR
83Jordan 382.3 PKR284.6 PKR--23.5/ - PKR
84Kazakhstan 107.2 PKR121.5 PKR--10.1/ - PKR
85Kenya 344.5 PKR315.6 PKR--48.6/ - PKR
86Kuwait 80.1 PKR87.7 PKR--6.8/ - PKR
87Kyrgyzstan 182.4 PKR210.8 PKR-82 PKR2.4/ - PKR
88Laos 349.9 PKR284.1 PKR--8.2/ - PKR
89Latvia 421.1 PKR446.5 PKR-199.8 PKR55/ - PKR
90Lebanon 249.1 PKR265.8 PKR-138.2 PKR0.7/ - PKR
91Lesotho 294 PKR360 PKR--23/ - PKR
92Liberia 282 PKR293.8 PKR---
93Libya 7.3 PKR7.3 PKR--0.9/ - PKR
94Liechtenstein 428.9 PKR462.7 PKR--63.5/ - PKR
95Lithuania 396.9 PKR438 PKR-175.1 PKR75.4/ - PKR
96Luxembourg 372.7 PKR410.5 PKR-184.5 PKR53.6/ - PKR
97Macao ----35.7/ - PKR
98Madagascar 320.3 PKR266 PKR--31.5/ - PKR
99Malawi 400.2 PKR440.2 PKR--25.6/ - PKR
100Malaysia 105.3 PKR110.2 PKR6.1 PKR-11.3/ - PKR
101Maldives 244.2 PKR249.6 PKR--28.2/ - PKR
102Mali 323.8 PKR323.1 PKR--48.2/ - PKR
103Malta 324.5 PKR293 PKR--32.4/ - PKR
104Mauritius 397.6 PKR292.6 PKR--32.4/ - PKR
105Mayotte 411.5 PKR387.3 PKR---
106Mexico 288.6 PKR285.1 PKR16.5 PKR-20.9/ - PKR
107Moldova 317.7 PKR318.2 PKR-203.7 PKR18.6/ - PKR
108Monaco 464.8 PKR510 PKR---
109Mongolia 349.2 PKR334.6 PKR-159.8 PKR-
110Montenegro 348.7 PKR375.3 PKR---
111Morocco 325.5 PKR352.7 PKR--25.6/ - PKR
112Mozambique 319.8 PKR323.6 PKR--29.8/ - PKR
113Namibia 273.3 PKR328.1 PKR--27.3/ - PKR
114Nepal 325.5 PKR320.1 PKR--10.3/ - PKR
115Netherlands 469.8 PKR467.4 PKR99.9 PKR199.5 PKR78.3/ - PKR
116New Zealand 387 PKR351.6 PKR14.1 PKR-43.9/ - PKR
117Nicaragua 319.6 PKR282 PKR--40.9/ - PKR
118Nigeria 103.6 PKR424.9 PKR--12/ - PKR
119Northern Macedonia 346.6 PKR352.5 PKR-195.8 PKR23/ - PKR
120Norway 492.3 PKR519.1 PKR--32/ - PKR
121Oman 145.9 PKR157.5 PKR--6.1/ - PKR
122Pakistan 238 PKR249.1 PKR153.5 PKR153.5 PKR42.3/ 84.7 PKR
123Panama 263.9 PKR279.4 PKR--40/ - PKR
124Paraguay 269.5 PKR271 PKR-138.7 PKR13.2/ - PKR
125Peru 335.8 PKR316.5 PKR-122.2 PKR51.9/ - PKR
126Philippines 289.5 PKR321.5 PKR-158.6 PKR40/ - PKR
127Poland 340.8 PKR403.5 PKR21.4 PKR155.3 PKR40.7/ - PKR
128Portugal 412.4 PKR411.7 PKR22.3 PKR214.3 PKR57.6/ - PKR
129Puerto Rico 257.3 PKR292.8 PKR---
130Qatar 135.6 PKR132.3 PKR--7.5/ - PKR
131Romania 372.9 PKR433.8 PKR-197.9 PKR45.6/ - PKR
132Russia 200 PKR212.9 PKR2.1 PKR76.1 PKR18.6/ - PKR
133Rwanda 352 PKR353.4 PKR--57.3/ - PKR
134Saint Lucia 338.2 PKR338.2 PKR---
135San Marino 386.1 PKR405.6 PKR-168.7 PKR-
136Saudi Arabia 145.7 PKR39.5 PKR-56.2 PKR11.3/ - PKR
137Senegal 327.1 PKR240.9 PKR--38.1/ - PKR
138Serbia 384 PKR458.3 PKR7.5 PKR226.8 PKR21.2/ - PKR
139Seychelles 380.7 PKR441.8 PKR---
140Sierra Leone 272.8 PKR272.8 PKR--20.9/ - PKR
141Singapore 453.8 PKR456.8 PKR36.9 PKR-46.3/ - PKR
142Slovakia 403.7 PKR435.9 PKR13.9 PKR202.3 PKR45.6/ - PKR
143Slovenia 354.4 PKR392.9 PKR-241.8 PKR45.6/ - PKR
144South Africa 307.1 PKR373.9 PKR--34.8/ - PKR
145South Korea 272.8 PKR310.7 PKR10.3 PKR169.7 PKR20.7/ - PKR
146Spain 421.1 PKR444.9 PKR42.3 PKR251.5 PKR78.3/ - PKR
147Sri Lanka 325.9 PKR275 PKR--9.4/ - PKR
148Sudan 252.2 PKR292.8 PKR--2.1/ - PKR
149Suriname 188.5 PKR150.2 PKR--2.6/ - PKR
150Swaziland 286 PKR340.3 PKR--23.7/ - PKR
151Sweden 431.7 PKR542.6 PKR58.3 PKR284.8 PKR65.8/ - PKR
152Switzerland 476.1 PKR542.9 PKR24.4 PKR283.9 PKR53.1/ - PKR
153Syria 375.8 PKR208.7 PKR--3.3/ - PKR
154Taiwan 231.9 PKR204 PKR6.8 PKR110.2 PKR21.4/ - PKR
155Tanzania 290.7 PKR307.4 PKR--23/ - PKR
156Thailand 281.8 PKR228.2 PKR--24.7/ - PKR
157Togo 257.3 PKR312.6 PKR--42.5/ - PKR
158Trinidad Tobago 268.4 PKR152.8 PKR--12.2/ - PKR
159Tunisia 173.2 PKR150.2 PKR4.5 PKR-15.3/ - PKR
160Turkey 253.1 PKR312.8 PKR2.6 PKR134 PKR16.2/ - PKR
161Turkmenistan 100.6 PKR90.5 PKR---
162Uganda 388.5 PKR367.3 PKR--38.1/ - PKR
163UK 455.9 PKR523.8 PKR25.1 PKR210.8 PKR78/ - PKR
164Ukraine 319.8 PKR346.2 PKR6.1 PKR182.1 PKR9.2/ - PKR
165United Arab Emirates 204.7 PKR256.6 PKR--19/ - PKR
166United Kingdom 532.7 PKR555.3 PKR25.1 PKR207.3 PKR77.8/ - PKR
167Uruguay 445.1 PKR386.3 PKR--56.4/ - PKR
168USA 242.3 PKR324.8 PKR10.8 PKR-38.1/ - PKR
169Uzbekistan 242.5 PKR270.7 PKR--6.1/ - PKR
170Venezuela 3.8 PKR3.8 PKR--40.7/ - PKR
171Vietnam 232.4 PKR236.9 PKR--17.9/ - PKR
172Wallis and Futuna 434.5 PKR426.8 PKR---
173Yemen 208.4 PKR231.7 PKR---
174Zambia 341 PKR384 PKR--7.8/ - PKR
175Zimbabwe 233.1 PKR256.6 PKR--1.2/ - PKR

Cheapest Fuel Prices in World
Highest Fuel Prices in World
Fuel Prices in World

Types of Fuel in Pakistan

The specific type of fuel is used in the engines according to their design. The refined petroleum products in Pakistan are listed below:

  • Petrol (Super and Hi-Octane)
  • Diesel (High Speed and Low Speed)
  • Kerosene
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

High speed Diesel and petrol are the major petroleum products in Pakistan because they are used in a huge quantity. So, government earns a huge amount of revenue by these two petroleum products.

Petroleum Quality In Pakistan

Pakistan had been receiving a low quality petrol as compared to other countries in past. From 2016, Pakistan started importing high quality petrol with a higher Research Octane Number RON, 92. Now, the oil companies are refining RON or 97petrol.

Hi-Octane Prices in Pakistan

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA is unable to stabilize the Hi-Octane prices in Pakistan. Therefore, the price of Hi-Octant in Pakistan is different on petrol pumps across the country.

Euro Fuel Emission Standards In Pakistan

Euro V Emission Standards has been officially implemented in Pakistan. These standards are better for the improvement of engine performance of vehicles. By this the pollution is also reduced and will provide a safe and green environment in future.

In 2012, Pakistan was using Euro II Emission Standards when it was expired already. Now, Pakistan has jumped to Euro V Standard in 2020 and skipped Euro III and Euro IV. Other countries were already using the Euro V Standard since 2009. And now, Euro VI Emission Standard is implemented since 2014 and by 2025 expected to implement Euro VII Standard.

De-Stabilization of Petrol Prices In Pakistan

Petrol Prices in Pakistan have been unstable since the COVID-19 crises arose across the globe. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA is responsible for the stabilization of Petrol Prices in Pakistan. For a couple of months, OGRA is regularly revising the prices of petrol in Pakistan after every 15 days. The petrol prices in various regions are different for others.

The global transformation of oil and gas directly affects the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan. However, there are also many local factors which are involved in the destabilization of petrol prices in Pakistan. Petroleum Resources, Economic Situations and Instable Political Setup are the major local factor among them. Resultantly, petrol prices go to frequent ups and downs.

Highest Petrol Prices In Pakistan

Pakistan saw a highest petrol price in November 2021 when the petrol price was all time high at Rs 145.82. Stay tuned with Gari.PK for latest updates on Petroleum Prices in Pakistan.

Petrol Prices FAQs

1. What is Petrol Price in Pakistan Currently?

Currently, the price of Petrol in Pakistan is 249.8 Rs/Ltr

2. What is the highest ever recorded petrol price in Pakistan?

The highest ever recorded petrol price in Pakistan is 145.82 Rs/Ltr which is implemented currently in December.

3. Which is the petrol price implementing body in Pakistan?

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA is the petrol price implementing body in Pakistan. OGRA has recommenced to federal government to revise the petrol prices in Pakistan twice a month i.e. after 15 days (1st day of month and 15th day of month)

4. What RON petrol is refined in Pakistan?

Currently, Research Octane Number RON from 95 to 97 is refined in Pakistan

5. Which type of petrol is best for cars

Cars installed with bigger engine recommenced to use Hi-Octane petrol. The RON 95+ is the best petrol for cars having smaller engines.

6. Which petrol is best for bikes

The best petrol for 70cc and 125cc bikes is RON87+. However, the Hi-Octane petrol for bikes with high engines is recommended.

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