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Best Tyres For Honda Civics

Best Tyres For Honda Civics

Hey there, looking for some good tire recommendations for my 2017 Altis Grande with 15 wheels. Currently using 205/65/r15 and had a not-so-great experience with Yokohama DB V552, dealing with a ruptured sidewall at 13k and frequent punctures in all four tires.

Done with Yokohama and considering Continental UC6, quoted at 30k each today seems crazy. Budget is not a big concern if its worth it. Mostly drive in the city, but occasionally head to rural areas for extended periods. Appreciate your input in helping me make the best choice. Thanks!
Waqar Haider asked on 30 Jan 2024 16:52:45 pm
1 Answer
Maaz Khan - on 30 Jan 2024 16:55:20 pm
Big ThunderMax tires! Affordable, well-built, and sturdy enough for our local roads. Priced at 14-15k per tire, theyre brand new with the latest production date, fresh rubber, and warranty.

I switched to them from Yokohama Advan A460 and found them comparable to other brands, though not as quiet as Yokohama DB.

Dont let the shopkeepers deceive you its still just a Corolla, but these tires get the job done.

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