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first cars for new drivers

First cars for new drivers

Hey, Im looking for honest advice. Ive just started driving and Im thinking about getting a car for everyday use, like going to the office and stuff. Im looking at a budget of around 15 to 20 lakhs. Should I go for a Mira, the new look Cultus, o r maybe you have some other hatchback in mind? Keep in mind, since Im new to driving, the maintenance costs are a big concern for me. Thanks for your help!
Maaz Khan asked on 04 Apr 2024 15:09:13 pm
1 Answer
Ahsan - on 04 Apr 2024 15:11:44 pm
Mira is going to give you a headache because you can never be sure what state its in. It was brought in from Japan ages ago, probably not in the best shape, then its been roughly handled in Pakistan and likely has its mileage tampered with.

Finding spare parts for it will be a real pain. Even if you manage to locate them, itll take you ages of searching through scrapyards and theyll cost you a fortune.

Maintenance will be a nightmare, especially when you need to replace parts like suspension and brakes.

Instead, consider getting a locally assembled Cultus. Youll find support, repairs, and parts easily available everywhere, and theyre genuine and affordable.

Or look into other local hatchbacks within your budget.

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