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Honda City Bad Fuel average !

Honda City Bad Fuel average !

Hey everyone,

I could really use your help right now.

So, Ive got this Honda City from 2004, manual model, with the original engine. It used to run great, but for the past month, its been guzzling fuel like crazy, only giving me about 7 kilometers per liter.

Ive tried a few things:

- Changed the oil to 10-40.
- Gave it a good cleaning and tuning.
- Even put in new plugs.

But nothing seems to be making a difference. Any ideas what might be causing this terrible fuel economy?
Waqas Rajput asked on 31 May 2024 01:16:47 am
1 Answer
Ahsan - on 31 May 2024 01:18:50 am
Did your cars fuel economy get worse after the cleaning and tuning? Was that meant to fix the fuel economy issue? Also, does your car struggle with acceleration, and which City model do you have? Around 2003 was when they switched from the 3rd gen EXI to the 4th gen i-DSI.

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