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Honda Civics Honeycomb damage

Honda Civics Honeycomb damage

During a tune-up, mechanic found a damaged honeycomb in my Honda Civics catalytic converter. Options: spend 1 lakh on new CAT, 50-60k on a used one, o r remove the damaged honeycomb. Seeking cheaper alternatives due to recent expenses.
Waqar Haider asked on 31 May 2024 01:08:17 am
1 Answer
Waqas Rajput - on 31 May 2024 01:13:07 am
Ever had a ride in a car when its all shaky and vibrating because of a misfire? o r maybe youve been topping up your engine with some cheap oil, like that 20w50 bargain brand? And, oh boy, ever experienced the nightmare of a busted head gasket leaking into the combustion chamber?

Well, let me tell you, all three of those scenarios spell trouble for your catalytic converter. That misfire? It can straight up melt the core of the cat, sometimes causing it to crack right open. And then theres this uniquely Pakistani issue where the exhaust pipe gets flooded, softening the outer shell of the cat and making the core jiggle around until it breaks.

So, if any of this sounds familiar, its time to face the music and get your cat fixed up. Your best bet? Go for the real deal, a genuine Honda part. But be prepared to shell out around a grand for it. Trust me, its worth it. Aftermarket options might seem cheaper, but theyre usually just not up to snuff.

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