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Kia Picanto Build Quality?

Kia Picanto Build Quality?

Salam Fellas,

I’m trying to buy Kia Picanto and I have heard that the build quality is terrible. I have been using Cultus 2021 and its model is VXL.

Cultus has been giving me some trouble and I’m done with it Please tell me the pros and cons of Kia Picanto as well as How is the build quality of Kia Picanto.

Guide me in Buying KIA Picanto and if there is any alternative please do let me know.
Sajid Khan asked on 24 Jan 2023 14:38:25 pm
1 Answer
Sumaiya Akbar - on 25 Jan 2023 12:46:28 pm
Well, a thing to note is that its Build Quality is way better than Cultus, to be honest.
Dont take my word for it when you drive o r just sit in it you will feel it yourself.
The car has excellent performance but the only thing it lacks is fuel mileage but it can be increased if you adopt Hyper Milling A way to drive car in a most fuel efficient way

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