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Kia Spectra Stock Power Steering Issue

Kia Spectra Stock Power Steering Issue

I bought Kia Spectra in used condition it was a good condition, I just had to replace its Rack and Pinion along with Steering Pump. I got them in the used condition.
Everything is going fine but there are bubbles in the power steering fluid reservoir.

So I was confused and asked the mechanic and He told me it is common in Kia Spectra. One thing you guys should know this car comes with the stock engine.
I want to know is this normal to have bubbles in the power steering fluid reservoir.
Sajid Khan asked on 24 Jan 2023 15:05:25 pm
1 Answer
Sumaiya Akbar - on 26 Jan 2023 11:13:56 am
It is the indication that there is air trapped in the power steering and you can get rid of it using two methods.

Method 1.
• Turn off the engine of the car and allow it to cool once it is cool
• Take off the reservoir cap and inspect the level

• Top up the steering fluid if needed.

• you will have to trace the bleeding valve on the steering rack and pinion o r steering gearbox. It is mostly located near the steering rack.

• You have to insert the hose on the end of the bleeder valve and input the other end into a catch pan.

• Now All you have to do is start your car

• After that Gently open the Bleeder Valve of your car.

• Turn off the steering wheel back to lock to lock a couple of times.

• Then Turn off your car and Tighten the Bleeding Valve.

• After that refill the Fluid Reservoir with fresh fluid.

• Now lastly, Inspect the fluid in the Steering Pan and Repeat the procedures and make sure there are no bubbles.

2nd Method:

• Raise the Front Wheels Using any Floor jack News

• Remove the reservoir cap if needed

• Get into the Driver Seat and Steer the Wheel Lock to Lock Repeatedly

If you are still facing this issue after attempting all of this then you will have to go to some professional mechanic because I can’t think of anything else and we cannot do experiments on your car.

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