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Kia Sportage Alpha Fog in Head Lamps

Kia Sportage Alpha Fog in Head Lamps


I bought Kia Sportage Alpha a Few months ago everything was going fine until the Fog Started appearing in the headlamps I contacted the dealership for a warranty claim but they are not responding to me.

I mean is this How you are supposed to treat your customer I mean not reply at all. Please tell me how to fix this issue.
Sajid Khan asked on 24 Jan 2023 15:10:51 pm
1 Answer
Sumaiya Akbar - on 26 Jan 2023 11:40:18 am
Well, it is pretty normal in cars they probably ignored you instead of telling you about this.
In winter it is common so dont worry and relax, I agree dealerships should help their customer.

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