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Kia Sportage FWD Car Belt is Burning Burnt 2 Times in Two Weeks

Kia Sportage FWD Car Belt is Burning Burnt 2 Times in Two Weeks

I have been under extreme stress and I’m tired of this piece of dump because It is the second time Belt Burnt out and I have no clue what the hell is going on with it.
I bought this car a few months ago from Islamabad and Ever since then it has been giving me little problems but those were fixable and easy ones.
But this problem is giving me a headache.

I was driving home from the office and the engine of my car gave up and started beeping and produced some weird sound and the car broke down. I was in the middle of the road.

So I had it toed and took it to a mechanic and He found the culprit to be burnt out Belt. Anyways He replaced and now it is the beginning of the second week and the Belt Burnt out again and this time.
I was going to the office  I’m extremely tired of it as I couldn’t get to my office. This car is not that old I saw some pretty old cars which have been working twice as well as this car.

It has only been driven 18,000KM and it is not that much. I have been saving money for a car for quite a while and I thought I’m getting the car of my dream and now those dreams have been shattered because I’m stuck with his stupid piece of shit.
Sajid Khan asked on 24 Jan 2023 14:40:27 pm
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