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1800cc Cars in Pakistan

1800cc Cars in Pakistan list consists of top 12 vehicles at 1800cc Cars in Pakistan includes Mercedes Benz E Class, Toyota Allion, Toyota Prius Alpha, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Toyota C HR, Volkswagen Transporter T6, DFSK Glory 580, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Corolla Cross, Mercedes Benz CLA Class, etc. See 1800cc Cars in Pakistan for best new affordable cars and cheap auto prices in Pakistan. Minimum auto price is 1350000 Rs. while maximum price is 14600000 Pakistani Rupees. 1800cc Cars in Pakistan listing can be seen online.

Mercedes Benz E Class
13.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1796cc,Petrol,Automatic,8-12 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: Passenger, Driver, Side,Sedan
Toyota Allion
16.25 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1798cc,Petrol,Automatic,16-18 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 2, Driver, Passenger,Sedan
Toyota Prius Alpha
27.5 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1797cc,Petrol,Automatic (CVT),24-26 KM/L
4WD, 7 Seater
Airbags: 6, Passenger, Driver, Side, Curtain,Subcompact Hatchback
Toyota Prius
1798cc,Petrol,Automatic (CVT),36-40 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 6 (Dual +Side +Curtain),Sedan
Honda Civic
40.79 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1799cc,Petrol,Automatic (CVT),12-14 KM/L
FWD, 3 Years o r 75000 km, 5 Seater
Airbags: 2Driver & Front Passenger,Compact Sedan
Honda Civic Crystal Black Pearl Honda Civic Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic Honda Civic Carnelian Red Honda Civic Lunar Silver Metallic Honda Civic Taffeta White Honda Civic Urban Titanium Honda Civic Modern Steel Metallic
Toyota C HR
1800cc,Hybrid,Automatic (CVT),24-20 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 8, Driver, Passenger,Crossover
Volkswagen Transporter T6
1968cc,Diesel,Manual,10-13 KM/L
DFSK Glory 580
58.06 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1798cc,Petrol,Automatic (CVT),8-12 KM/L
FWD, 3 Yearz, 7 Seater
Airbags: 4 Passenger, Driver, Side,Hatchback
Toyota Corolla
1800cc,Petrol,Automatic,12-14 KM/L
Hyundai Sonata
78.99 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1960cc,Petrol,Automatic,11-13 KM/L
2WD, 5 Years, 100000 KM, 5 Seater
Airbags: Driver, Passenger,Sedan
Toyota Corolla Cross
134.19 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1798cc,Hybrid,Automatic (CVT),18-20 KM/L
FWD, 5 Seater
Airbags: 7(Driver, Passenger, Side ,Curtain ,Driver knee),Compact SUV
Mercedes Benz CLA Class
146 Lacs, Price in Pakistan
1795cc,Petrol,Automatic,15-17 KM/L
FWD, 4 Seater
Airbags: Passenger, Driver, Side,Sedan
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