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Toyota Land Cruiser v8

Toyota Land Cruiser v8

Hey there, Wassup!

So, Ive been rollin with a Prado 2012 TXL for quite some time now, but Im lookin to level up to a Land Cruiser V8. You know, gotta feel that power!

Now, I dont wanna be pin a fortune on this new SUV after sellin my Prado, so Im thinkin of goin for a 2009 Land Cruiser V8 AXG without all the fancy height control and sunroof stuff.

I really need your precious advice on this, folks. My main reason for switchin is to get more horsepower under the hood. And, honestly, I wanna switch things up from the Prado life and avoid the headaches that come with an older SUV with height control. Thats also why Im passin on the ZX variant.

So, what do you think, pals? Any insights o r suggestions would be much appreciated! Hit me up with your thoughts!
Maaz Khan asked on 26 Jul 2023 16:28:43 pm
1 Answer
Haseeb Khalid - on 26 Jul 2023 16:31:45 pm
Now, one thing to keep in mind is to check out the condition of that 2009 Land Cruiser youre eyeing. Get a good mechanic to look it over and make sure everythings in decent shape. You know how it is with older rides maintenance matters.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and youre gonna love the change from the Prado life. Take it for a spin, see how it feels, and if it checks out, go for it! Safe travels and enjoy the upgraded ride, buddy!

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