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Best Used Car Under 60 Lakh?

Best Used Car Under 60 Lakh?


I am looking to purchase a used sedan within the price range of 50-55 Lakh PKR, but ideally, I would prefer to keep it under 50 thousand dollars. My main requirements for the sedan are that it is low on maintenance and falls within the category of a C sedan. While fuel efficiency is not a significant concern, I am open to considering options that offer good mileage.

While I have not yet explored the market, my initial search suggests that the Grande and 9th gen Civic could be viable options. However, the Grande is relatively expensive and may be difficult to find in good condition within my budget. The Civic, although cheaper, is an older model, and I am not very familiar with it.

I would appreciate your feedback on any other sedans that meet my requirements and would be suitable for long-term use. Thank you.
Sajid Khan asked on 17 Apr 2023 16:00:09 pm
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