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Is it worth buying the Swift GLX CVT?

Is it worth buying the Swift GLX CVT?

I was thinking about getting the GLX CVT, but I came across a lot of negative feedback about this car. Some people are saying theres too much cabin noise, others mention issues with water leakage and problems with the screen. Some even say that the trunk alignment isnt right, and so on.

If theres someone who has been using this car for a longer period, please share your experience and give some guidance. Initially, I was leaning towards the Vezel, but the Swift caught my eye with its abundance of features and being locally assembled.
Ahmed asked on 13 Nov 2023 13:29:08 pm
1 Answer
Ahsan - on 13 Nov 2023 13:30:34 pm
Regarding the Vezel, its better to go for a 2018 model o r newer. I know you might be considering it for its hybrid fuel efficiency, but hybrids come with their own set of issues in the long run.

Now, about the Swift, I came across an owners review that I thought was quite fair and fantastic. Ive personally driven the car and found it to be overall good, though not exceptional. It has a few issues, but the cabin noise isnt as bad as other Suzuki cars like the Alto and Cutlus. The pickup is good, and I even drove it with seven people on board – it felt like a sturdy car with good handling.

However, there are some drawbacks. The interior is mostly made of plastic, and the quality isnt great its prone to scratches. Theres also a weird thing with the chassis number being in the fender turn-off point. I guess they forgot about it, and then someone thought, Oh, we havent put the chassis number yet. Lets just emboss it easily in the fender.

As for the push start, Im not sure about Swifts push start system. Some people say its not good.

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