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New Sohrab Bikes in Pakistan

Sohrab Bikes is a renowned motorcycle manufacturing company that has been operating for several decades. With a commitment to excellence, Sohrab Bikes has established itself as a prominent player in the motorcycle industry. Offering a wide range of models, the company has garnered a loyal customer base and a reputation for producing high-quality bikes.


Sohrab Motorcycles was founded in the early 20th century and has since grown into one of the most respected motorcycle brands in the region. The company has a rich heritage and has adapted to changing market demands over the years. With a focus on innovation, performance, and reliability, Sohrab Bikes has consistently delivered motorcycles that cater to various customer preferences.

Product Line

Sohrab Bikes boasts an impressive product line that caters to different segments of the market. From sleek sports bikes to efficient commuter motorcycles, the company offers a diverse range of models to suit every rider's needs. Sohrab Bikes prioritizes incorporating cutting-edge technology, ensuring that their motorcycles deliver a superior riding experience.

JS 70

One of Sohrab Bikes' notable offerings is the JS 70, a popular model among commuters and first-time riders. The JS 70 combines affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting. With a sturdy build and comfortable seating, this bike offers a smooth and hassle-free ride. The JS 70 has a decent engine capacity, ensuring adequate power for urban environments while keeping fuel consumption low. It also features a sleek design, making it visually appealing to riders.

Quality and Durability

Sohrab Bikes takes pride in its commitment to quality and durability. Each motorcycle is built with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials and components. The company conducts rigorous testing procedures to ensure that its bikes can withstand various road conditions and provide long-lasting performance. This focus on quality has earned Sohrab Bikes a reputation for producing bikes that are reliable and dependable.

After-Sales Support

Sohrab Bikes understands the importance of after-sales support and strives to provide exceptional service to its customers. The company has an extensive network of authorized service centers staffed by skilled technicians who are trained to handle any maintenance or repair requirements. This commitment to customer satisfaction has contributed to the brand's popularity and customer loyalty.

Sohrab Motorcycle Latest Models

PKR  50,000

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Best for money

Iam using this bike.... And I love its ride.. Have beautiful design and looks like heavy bike.. And ita a budget bike ...


This bike is new and I can bought this range and I like him ...

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15,000 Rs
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