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New Treet Bikes in Pakistan

Treet Bikes is a brand that caters to the increasing demand of the local population. The motorcycles are designed to offer a reliable and efficient riding experience. With features such as air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV engines, and drum brake systems, Treet Bikes ensure a smooth and controlled ride. The bone-type frame of the motorcycle provides stability and durability, while the self-starter feature adds convenience to the overall riding experience.

Impressive Performance and Suspension

Treet Bikes come equipped with a front suspension featuring a central axle from a 277 tube, enhancing stability and absorbing shocks during the ride. The back suspension utilizes a spiral spring design, further improving the overall comfort and handling of the motorcycle. These features contribute to a smooth and enjoyable ride for the riders.

Multiple Engine Capacities

Treet Bikes offers a range of engine capacities to meet the diverse needs of customers. The company introduces 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc motorcycles, allowing individuals to choose a model that suits their requirements. The availability of different engine capacities ensures that customers can find a Treet Bike that matches their preferred power and performance levels.

Elegant Design and Efficient Fuel Mileage

Treet Bikes boast an elegant design with well-designed headlights and tail lights, adding to the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. The 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV engine provides efficient power and performance, making the ride enjoyable and smooth. Additionally, Treet Bikes are known for their impressive fuel mileage, allowing riders to save on fuel costs and enjoy longer rides without frequent refueling.

Reasonable Pricing

Treet Bikes are available in the market at reasonable rates, making them an attractive option for customers seeking affordable yet reliable transportation. The brand aims to provide high-quality motorcycles at prices that are accessible to a wide range of customers, ensuring that owning a Treet Bike is within reach for many individuals.

Treet Motorcycle Latest Models

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PKR  54,000
PKR  42,000
PKR  47,500
PKR  48,000
PKR  44,000

Recent Bike Reviews
Best for money

Iam using this bike.... And I love its ride.. Have beautiful design and looks like heavy bike.. And ita a budget bike ...


This bike is new and I can bought this range and I like him ...

Used Treet Bikes for Sale in Pakistan

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