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DLIMS Punjab – Driving License Information Management System

DLIMS Punjab

Online Driving License Verification In Punjab.

DLIMS Punjab – Driving License Information Management System

Driving License Information Management System is the system, which helps to automate the driving license renewal, upgrades and issuance for the people. These services are offers in the entire province of Punjab and DLIMS improved the processing of license service for the public and it helps the authorities to have real-time updates data and statistics. You can find it effective for all types of vehicles through the centralized system. The driving standard and its implementation are improving in Pakistan having DLIMS of the same drive.

The applicants can avail DLIMS by visiting the licensing testing center and when you pass the test, the applicant will be awarded with the international driving license, which is recognized by the whole world. Pakistani license holders are eligible to drive on their Pakistani license all over the world.

Benefits of DLIMS

  • Centralized Issuance and Management of Driving Licenses
  • Centralized Database of Licensing System across Punjab
  • A hassle-free approach towards applying and obtaining Driving License
  • Centralized Issuance and Management of
  • Challan Ticketing System Delivery of Issued Licenses through courier and verify whether Applicant can be made easy
  • Assisting in reducing vehicle-related crimes
  • Increase in revenue transparently
  • Creating a data hub in order to facilitate other agencies
  • Centralized Driving License Printing Facility

Punjab Driving License and DLIMS

DLIMS is developed by Punjab Govt. Professionals at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has developed and designed this system for automation of Punjab driving licenses and also for convenience of drivers. You can refer DLIMS as DRIVING LICENSE ISSUANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

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