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New Millat Vehicles in Pakistan

Millat Vehicles is a prominent player in the Pakistani automotive industry, specifically focusing on the production of tractors and agricultural machinery. Established in 1964 as a public limited company, Millat has become a key contributor to the agricultural sector in Pakistan. With its headquarters in Lahore, the company has gained a reputation for manufacturing reliable and efficient equipment that meets the needs of farmers and supports agricultural growth in the country.


Diverse Range of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery

Millat Vehicles offers a diverse range of tractors and agricultural machinery tailored to cater to the requirements of farmers. The company's tractor lineup encompasses various horsepower ratings, ensuring that farmers have access to suitable options for their specific farming needs. Millat tractors are known for their durability, performance, and affordability, making them a popular choice among farmers in Pakistan and beyond.

In addition to tractors, Millat Vehicles manufactures a comprehensive range of agricultural implements and machinery. These include disc harrows, planters, cultivators, trailers, and other equipment designed to assist farmers throughout different stages of crop cultivation and harvesting. Millat's agricultural machinery is built with a focus on efficiency, productivity, and reliability, empowering farmers to optimize their operations and increase their yield.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Support

Millat Vehicles is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through its extensive network of dealerships and after-sales service centers. The company provides customers with easy access to support, maintenance, and spare parts, thereby fostering long-term relationships and trust. With its strong presence in the agriculture sector, Millat Vehicles continues to play a vital role in driving agricultural development and meeting the evolving needs of farmers in Pakistan.

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Used Millat Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Pakistan

3,500,000 Rs
2,450,000 Rs
Chak No. 104/9-L
1,850,000 Rs
Sargodha Road
2,250,000 Rs

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