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How to Buy Second Hand Cars in Pakistan

- Views 0 - 11 Jan 2018
When you go out to buy the second hand car in the auto market, you need to do research , have patience and knowledge about cars and markets. If you are fully prepared and well-educated to go out to buy the car, you need to bring the guide on things and you need to know the things to look for.

Know Your Budget
You need to know about your budget, when you make the buying decision for second hand cars. The used cars need extra attention to its maintenance, tires and other things. You should look for the older car like Honda Civic 2005 and it might need repairs and upgrades. When you buy it, you will run for it. It will look great and well maintained and it fits your budget.

Research Model
The second hand cars do not have any warranty and it makes them crucial to do the research. The brands have their own reputation and they are reliable than others in the long run. Most of them are in good condition and new cars look good and future maintenance of the car is the big issue and it varies with every model of car. There are different big factors to find the right buy of the pre-owned cars are:
• The cost and availability of parts
• Availability of serviceman present at close distance
• The reliability of serviceman
• The official service center may be available for desired specific model
• The car may be involved in a previous accident
• The suitability of model for terrain (is the ride-height good enough to scale the speed-bumps in your neighborhood?) it will get driven on in the future
• The fuel mileage model
• The interior space of car
You can meet such people, who have such model of the car or they remained the owner of such car model. You can also use the internet forums to avoid the heavy expenses and it is best for them to be aware of the facts of the car. You can also carry out the research work for price of car and use advertisement websites or ask them to get the rough estimate of the present price of the car and compare it with the current price.
What to Look Out for
You need to do various things, which they consider before bringing the new ride home.
Car Inspection

You need to check that the car has been painted or refurbished. If the owner disclosed about the refurbishment, then you should make sure that the refurbishment was cosmetic or refresh and not due to a major accident. You should ask the seller to open the bonnet and start the engine. The front of frame under bonnet shows that car has faced the accident. These accidents are thoroughly repaired. Then hear the noise of engine with open bonnet to identify the problems.
You also take a look of the tires and they are old and worn out and you will have to replace them after purchasing the car. If you know it then you can ask the seller to replace them without having pay for it. You should also look the decay of the frame of car. When the frames get decayed and it deteriorates the older vehicles and the car becomes inefficient and vulnerable.
Legitimate Documents

When you make the buying decision, you should also check the legal documents of the car. Check the registration number and the name of the seller with the right number plate with the taxes paid on it. You should check if the duties are paid and if they are not paid then ask the seller to pay it for you. You can pay for it later but do the estimate of the pending amount in terms of duties. It is better to find such car, which is registered in the same cit or district so that you can sort out the issues relating to the registration and you do not need to go to other city.
Bargaining Price
If you do not have enough experience, you should not be discouraged if the car found exceeds to your budget. When you buy the second hand car, you may face this issue. The seller looks for his profit and he sets the price of the car more than what he wants to get. You should know that seller knows how much amount he wants to get from this car and your budget is low.
Transferring Car
When the deal of the car is done, he will give you the open ended letter and it will not be added with the dates or the fixed dates. The buyer has to get car registered under his own name. You should know about the price, you need to pay as tax, when you get registered the car. The amount varies from the capacity of the engine and your status as the income tax filer or non filer.

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