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Increase Fuel Consumption Involving 10 Factors

- Views 100 - 03 Apr 2020
Fuel consumption is the great concern for most of the people, if they are facing the tight budget schedule. if you are careless, then the fuel consumption can cost you lot of money. You need to consider the important aspects, which can help you in the improvement of the fuel consumption of the car. Increase Fuel Consumption Involving 10 Factors.

Poor Quality Engine Oil

When you buy the engine oil for your car, you need to consider the viscosity grade of the engine oil. If you use wrong motor oil, it can lead to greater fuel consumption. The pistons and other moveable parts of the engine move less freely and it puts undue stress and pressure on engine, which can result in engine consuming more oil than required.

Bad Condition of Tires

The old tires lose the traction on the roads and they can consume more fuel to maintain the certain speed. If there is low pressure on the tire, it can lead to more consumption of the fuel. Now you need to keep the tires at optimal pressure and they should keep the wheel alignment right to get best duel consumption. If the tires of your car are in good condition, handling of the car will be improved.

Poor Maintenance

The delayed and poor service of the car can lead to more fuel consumption. You should get checked your car by the skilled mechanic o r take the car to certificated dealerships of the manufacturer of your car. The company dealerships have proper tools and machinery so that they can care your car excellently. You should keep the schedule chart in the dashboard of your car to note the dates of the service of your car.

Short Distances

If the engine of the car is not tuned properly and you did not get service of the vehicle in time, your car will consume more oil than requirement. The faulty engine can result in failure to replace the spark plugs, air filters, throttle valves, fuel filters and oxygen sensors. If the fuel injectors are worn out o r dirty, it can lead to quick fuel burning. You need to replace the faulty parts of the engine avoid the bigger damages.

Poor Quality Fuel

You should know about the well reputed fuel station and buy the fuel for your car from there. You should also get the fuel from there that are known for selling good quality fuel. The bad quality fuel will require in large quantity to power the engine. The good fuel station have the chemical additives, that can help to clean the compartments of engine including intake valves and injector nozzles.

Driving in Wrong Gear

You should know about the gear and when to change them when you drive the car. Every gear has the speed limit and if you are driving at the higher speeds in lower gear, the engine will consume more fuel. When you speed up your car, you need to change the gears of the car.

Poor Clutch Condition

When the clutch in your car is in poor condition, the slippage chances are increased and it reduces the contact between pressure plate and clutch. The proportion of the power generated by engine goes waste and it is not delivered to the wheels. You need to get the clutch fixed to avoid the situation of more consumption of the fuel.

Not Warming Up Vehicle

When you start the car in the morning during winter o r colder climates, you need
to let it stand idle for some time. When you are on the road and you have to stop for some time, turn off the engine to save the fuel. If you keep the engine running, when you are stopped for a while, the starting of the engine will consume lot of fuel.

Over-speeding, Overloading and Air Conditioning

The overspeeding of the vehicle puts the strain on engine and it results in more fuel consumption. In normal cars, the speed more than 120 km / h results in waste of the fuel. The overloading puts undue pressure on the engine. When you load more weight over the car, engine must work harder in order to produce more power and it users more fuel in this process. If you turn on the air conditioning in the car, it will consume more fuel.

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