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Most Searched New & Used Cars In 2021

Asadullah  22 Dec 2021   232
Most Searched New & Used Cars In 2021

Most Searched New & Used Cars In 2021

As this year is going to end, it is necessary to do some research work on the sales and purchases of the car. In this article, we will discuss the matter of most searched new and used cars and you can find some expected and unexpected entrants in this list. People carry out the search work of the hatchbacks, sedans and crossovers SUVs during 2021. You can find some Most Searched New & Used Cars in 2021.

The prevailing situation of COVID-19 hit hard the auto market all over the world and despite of this adverse situation around the globe, almost all of the companies earned good profit during the year. In the history of Pakistan, this government was the first government, which has reduced the taxes on car prices and the car prices were also reduced. But there is consistent fluctuation in the US dollar price and there are some other aspects, which caused the price hike during last month.

Most Searched New Cars

We will share the list of the most searched new cars during 2021.

1. Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto remained the most favorite car of the people throughout the year. the report of the sales of the car shows that it was at the top of the sales and about 0.8 million searches for this car were made during the whole year and it is a huge number of search of any car. 

2. Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin is the most exciting edition of this car and the subcompact sedan category is considered the best one. The number of searches of this car is 0.7 million in this year and it indicates that the people have high interest in this new launched car. 

3. Honda City

There is another new launch of the car, which is Honda City and the company has introduced this 6th generation in Pakistan during 2021. Before the launching of this car, this car got tremendous response from the people. The searches of this car was about 0.65 million and City has been the most famous car in the local market for long time and people still love this car.  

4. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has been the most famous car for a long time and this new model of Toyota Corolla in Pakistan is considered most loved cars. The searches of this car were about 0.6 million in this year. It is a great number and there is one reason, which is the facelift X Package and launch of special edition of this car.  

5. KIA Sportage 

KIA Sportage is the final car, which has huge number of searches and this crossover SUV hit the local market. Soon after launching of this car, this vehicle has become the most favorite car and it was sold in large numbers. This car has total searches of 0.5 million during the year, which shows its popularity among the car enthusiasts. 

Most Searched Used Cars

We will discuss the used cars session of 2021 and you can find huge number of used car with their models. You can find the numbers of the used cars

1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is including in the top of the list of the used car. This car is very popular among its users and it is considered beautiful and most durable car in Pakistani market. You can find various new information and updates of this car and people rush to the website to know about it. This sedan got 2.6 million searches during 2021, which is very surprising. 

2. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is another quickly becoming popular car in the market, which stands at the second position. Although various new companies have introduced their new cars but people of Pakistan like the old one and this old variant got tremendous 1.4 million sessions during this year. It shows that there is competition between two old companies, which is still continued in the local market. 

3. Honda City

Honda City is at the third position in the list of most popular used cars. Despite of launching of new generation of this car during this year, people like to watch the old model of this car. This car got total 9,60,000 searches this year and it shows its popularity among the car lovers. 

4. Suzuki Cultus

You can find the first hatchback, which is Suzuki Cultus and this car has been very popular among the local users of Pakistan. The number of sales of this car got 7,50,000 searches this year and it shows that this car has gained tremendous popularity among people of Pakistan. 

5. Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is another hatchback, which is considered the favorite car of most of its users. This car gained 6,52,000 searches during the year 2021 and this vehicle remained at the top position in sale of the new units this year. This car has good fuel average, affordable spare parts and it has tremendous resale value. 

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