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MTMIS Online Verification and Registration of Vehicles

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MTMIS is the online verification system of the vehicle, which the government of Pakistan has introduced in order to find out the details of the vehicle registration and it helps to verify the relevant information of the vehicles across Pakistan. MTMIS online system helps the users to keep the record of their vehicles in terms of its verification, registration and different aspects of the vehicle taxation. You can also find the detailed information of motor vehicle laws including the integrated computerization of motor vehicle registration, examination, issue of route permits and the fitness certifications including the issue of driving licenses, automation of criminal records and enforcement of the traffic rules and regulations.
This project will be very beneficial on the following grounds:
It will help the users to reduce hassle, increase the transparency and it will help to become able for fast communication from central database.
• It will help to regulate proper registration of on road motor vehicles.
• It facilitates the better public service delivery.
• It will help to increase the revenues.
• It will become the hub for other agencies and users.

Excise and Taxation Online Verification
MTMIS has made the collaboration with Excise and Taxation department and it will function as the motor registration authority. The concerned department has made up the plan to put entire vehicle registration data online and it will become accessible to the public. You can find the website of MTMIS and it will help to avoid the fraudulent deals and prevent the buying of the stolen vehicles.
MTMIS online vehicle verification system can help to check if the has been transferred to your name after the dealing of the car or bike. You can also confirm whether the car / bike has been transferred to your name properly or it has been transferred to the name of the new buyer after selling the bike / car in the open market. When you think about the law and order situation in the country, you need to go through the confirmation process ensure the transfer of the vehicle.
Proper way of Using MTMIS
This system is simple to use and you need to enter the registration number of the car and the system goes through records with necessary query. The following information is displayed, when you make the request to get the detail of the particular car or bike.
• Registration Date
• Model year
• Engine number
• Owner’s name (company or an individual)
• Tax paid till or tax due from
• Vehicle body type
• CPLC Clear or Not (for Sindh)
• Final Remarks

The above mentioned information should be obtained as it will help to know the issue of unpaid tokens or taxes, when you buy or sell the vehicles. Such unexpected expenses being incurred on the cars, can increase the overall cost of the vehicle. The token and taxes of the luxury cars are quite high and you can check the potential duplicity of the number plates of vehicles or the car is not cleared from security agencies. In view of this situation, the details mentioned above can become very important.
The conditions of some of the government offices and their dealings with the public are not satisfactory and we should avoid them. The MTMIS initiative is the wonderful project to save time and money of the public and they do not need to go to excise and taxation department. Various countries of the world has seen the shift from their manual databases to the online data and it is wonderful to see Pakistan is also following the suit.
MTMIS website or the excise or taxation department for the verification of vehicle for Baluchistan is not live but the websites of all other provinces are working properly.
MTMIS Punjab - Online Vehicle Verification in Punjab
We hear about different types of frauds in the dealings of cars or bikes and it becomes necessary to get the history of the car checked. You can check whether this car or bike has the criminal record or it is clear. You can visit the MTMIS website, which can help to verify the details. MTMIS Punjab online vehicle checking or verification is provided to the users and you can check the online car verification provided by government of Punjab. If you carry out this process, it will help you to avoid the legal issues in the vehicle. MTMIS Punjab vehicle registration and transfer is different, when you compare it with Sindh and you want to get the comprehensive details of the current status of your bike or car.
MTMIS KPK - Online Vehicle Verification in KPK
In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, the online verification of vehicle has become necessary. The NCP vehicles and their body change is commonly present and it is important to purchase the vehicle, which is clean and it creates no trouble in the court of law. The KPK Motor Registration authority and excise and taxation department of KPK felt to provide the portal to the users. The KPK vehicle registration is different in terms of its procedure and cost, when you compare it with Sindh. Most of the vehicles are registered in KPK are of Peshawar.
Car Verification Karachi | Sindh
The verification of the documents and records of the bikes and cars in Sindh is essential when the people carry out the dealings of the cars. The government of Pakistan has formulate the portal, which is called the Motor Transport Management Information System to alleviate the issues.

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