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Shocking Numbers Unbelievable Growth in Auto Industry

- Views 0 - 20 Apr 2017
The auto industry of Pakistan has the monopolistic control of top three car manufacturing companies. The sales of the cars crossed to 230,000 last year and it is still continued by 10 to 15 percent every year. The bikes sales are higher to 1.21 million. When you start work with new Auto Policy, billions of rupees are being invested in Pakistan and the incentives are provided to the new comers when the new investors are realizing the potential in auto market in Pakistan and current players have seen the unparalleled growth during last few years.
During past five years, there is rise in share values and the financial developments of the auto companies have made it the tremendous sector in Pakistan. If you want to get back the aforementioned claim, they have compiled the list of auto manufacturers in Pakistan and the stock values have grown the past five years.
Indus Motor Company – Up by 784.8%
Indus Motor Company (IMC) is the local car manufacturing company and this company has done the joint venture between House of Habib, Toyota Tsusho and Toyota Motors Japan. This company has been operating its business in Pakistan since 1990. The company has its plant in Karachi to prepare the vehicles of Toyota and Daihatsu, auto parts, and accessories, which are assembled or manufactured. The stocks of the company have the worth of 237 and the values of these products crossed to 1860 with the growth of 784.8% in five years.
Honda Atlas Cars – Up by 7527.3%
Honda Atlas is the joint venture between Pakistani Atlas Group and Honda Motors and it is authorized assembler and manufacturer of the cars of Honda brand in Pakistan since 1992. The stocks of the car manufacturing company have the worth of 11.00 and the rapid growth has been made in the recent years and the improved brand recognition with the value to stand at an astounding 828.00 which is rise of 7527.3%.
Pak Suzuki Motors – Up by 100.00%
Pak Suzuki Motor Company limited is the affiliated company of Japanese automaker Suzuki and it is the joint venture of government of Pakistan and Suzuki Japan. Suzuki has increased the share from 25% to 73.09%.
Pak Suzuki assembles and distributes all of the vehicles prepared by Suzuki or its subsidiaries in the country. The value of the stock of Suzuki has the value at 75.50 five years before and the value has been increased to 10 times to reach to 735.0, which is largely due to huge market share of the company in the country.
Ghandhara Nissan – Up by 10684.2%
The company has been operating its business in Pakistan since 1981 and it is the authorized assembler and manufacturer of Nissan and JAC cars in Pakistan.
Nissan got the highest growth in stock values over last five years and the percentage of growth is high at over 100 times the lowest value in half of the decade. The stock value of the cars was risen from 3.80 to 406.00 in April 2017.
Dewan Farooque Motors – Up by 2651.9%
Dewan Farooque Motors is the local corporation and it is part of the Dewan Mushtaq Group. This automobile company is based in Karachi and it has been functional since 1998. The company stopped the production of the vehicles in 2009 and it is set to make the comeback by re-launching the brands like KIA in Pakistan. The value of the stock was 1.81 back in 2012 and there is rise of 2651.9 % and now it is stood at 48.00.
HinoPak Motors – Up by 2985.7%
HinoPak is the largest manufacturer of truck and bus in Pakistan and this company is based in Karachi and it is the only authorized assembler and manufacturer of Hino vehicles. The company has been operational since 1985.
This company received many interests from the investors and during last five years, it grew tremendously. The stocks of the company have been valued at 64.11 in 2012 and they stand at 1914.15 after the increased of about 2985.7%.
Atlas Honda – Up by 568.4%
Just like Honda Atlas, the Atlas Honda is the joint venture of Atlas Group and Honda Motor Company and it is dedicated to motorcycle production. It is the latest and largest motorcycle producing company in Pakistan.
The stocks of the company were valued at 114.00 five years ago and the rapid rise in the demand of the motorcycle has increased the investor interested with the rise of the value to 648.00.
Ghani Automobile Industries – Up by 899%
Ghani Automobile Industries is the local automobile and motorcycle manufacturing company and since its inception in 2004, the company gained the particular share in local motorbike and rickshaw market. The stocks worth 2.10 in 2012 and the increasing demand of the vehicle was resulted in rise to 18.88 in 2017.
Sazgar Autos – Up by 682.5%
Sazgar is the local auto manufacturer and it is located in Lahore. Most of the rickshaws are present in Punjab and they are developed by this company. They have announced the intent to spread the manufacturing capacity and the company has seen the investor interest rise at the value of the stock was grown from 16.25 in 2012 to 110.90 in 2017.

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