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Vehicles Fluid Quality And Level Check and Balance

17 Sep 2021   272
Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

Vehicles Fluid Quality And Level Check and Balance

Vehicle owners must be aware of different fluids used in the vehicles for the mechanical performance. Most commonly drivers are seen facing issues in their vehicles on the roadsides and they seem to be unknown regarding the exact fault in the vehicle. The fluids in the vehicles play a vital role in terms of their performance. So everyone must be aware of quality of fluids and their levels. In this article we are going to discuss different fluids and their check and balance for a proper working of a vehicle.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is an important element in a vehicle. When the engine of a vehicle starts, it consumes oil. The engine oil must be checked because if it remains in depletion it would be seized. So always make sure to check engine oil at least one time in a month before going on a long drive.

Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

To check the level of oil, take a yellow o r orange dipstick and pull out after raising the hood of the vehicle. Ensure that the level of the oil is near o r on the higher/full mark.

Remember that vehicle must be on level ground and ensure that engine is off for at least 15 minutes before checking engine oil.

You can rub the oil between your thumb and index finger to check the quality of engine oil. If the oil is smoky you should change it and if level is low you can fill more oil to level it.

Brake Fluid

The brakes of a vehicle work when braking fluid pumps to the front and rear brake pads and brake shoes. The check and balance of the brake fluid is also necessary for the drivers.

Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

The brake fluid can be checked by checking the level of oil in the Brake Fluid Reservoir which is shown as minimum and maximum level. You can add more fluid if it is below the maximum level. Keep in mind, fluid should not be above the maximum level otherwise it will leak. If fluid is dark brown o r black must change it.

Vehicle must be on level ground before this check. Must clean the reservoir of it is dirty and dusty because dust damages the components of master cylinder.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering is featured in most cars now -a -days. The power steering fluid must be checked properly. If not checked it will make a noise and will not work with stability due to air circulation in the steering mechanism o r the steering wheel starts jerking and vibrating. These are the reasons of oil depletion and must be heeded as early as possible.

Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

Battery Fluid

For the proper functioning of electrical components like headlights and instrument panels, the battery and battery fluid is mandatory for drivers. Keep in mind that the battery cells are completely immersed in the battery acid. Otherwise, purchase battery acid and pour it over the cells yourself.

Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

You must check the buildup of corrosion white and powdery residue on the battery terminals. This builds up over time, and you can use a solution of water and baking soda to brush it off. Also check the broken cables as they can cause a short circuit and can cause a fire in the car. Always check the battery life as well.

Radiator Fluid

Water o r a coolant / antifreeze to keep the engine cool is used by radiator. The driver should always check the coolant level before each ride because low levels will cause the cylinder head gasket to explode and lose power.

Vehicles Fluid Quality  And Level Check and Balance

You can add water o r a coolant to replenish the radiator, if the fluid level is low,

When vehicle is running, don’t open the pressure cap o r radiator. Check the coolant before starting the vehicle o r when the car has rested for 30 to 45 minutes after driving. When the vehicle is running, the radiator fluid is under pressure and opening the lid will cause severe burns to the arms and face.
Manufacturers advise against mixing coolants with tap water, as this can form deposits inside the radiator and cooling system. Instead, you can use distilled water.

Window Washer Fluid

Window washer fluid of the vehicle should be checked regularly to keep the windscreen clean. Dirty windscreens can cause disruption while driving, sometimes with fatal consequences. Also, not replenishing the reservoir can damage the pump.

Manufacturers discourage the use of soapy water, antifreeze and vinegar as window washer liquids as they can damage the windscreen and body paint, o r block lines.

Regular maintenance is necessary as the motor vehicles are complex machines and you can fall in trouble due to a little mistake o r ignorance. These checks once o r twice a month, you can save yourself and your car from costly repairs.

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