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What to Do If Car Catches Fire

- Views 100 - 19 May 2017
There are some of the reasons or the malfunction that the cars catches fire during the summers, which is common and ordinary practice. When the temperature reaches to 50 degree Celsius, the cars like Honda Civic and Suzuki Khyber can catch fire due to some reasons. The government is silent on the matter. The car manufacturers have shown no interesting in the investigation of these incidents. The car owners should be prepared to face these incidents, which can cause the fire on the car or heat up the car. They need to prepare the list of the solutions, when their cars overheat or tend to show the signs of a fire.
The car owners need to know the most important factor to prevent the car accident and they need to take the precautionary measures. They need to check the compiled list of the steps that can prevent the car to catch fire.
• Do not use electrical wiring alterations and ensure sure the electrician is expert and he has proper safety measures like relays and fuses when he insulates the wiring.
• Never compromise on electrical work of cars. Use high quality wires and equipment.
• Do not put extra weight on the wiring of car by installing the equipment. which needs too much current from the vehicle like installing HIDs on stock Mehran is recipe for disaster.
• Check water in the radiator daily. You should ensure coolant is in good condition and the extra water reservoir is filled to marked level (Never fill water container to full).
• Ensure radiator fan is working.
• Always keep a fire extinguisher in the car.
• You should ensure that battery terminals are properly connected and insulated.
• Check for any fuel leakage.
• You should ensure that generator of the car is not damaged.
• Check breaks when starting your journey.
• You should check and ensure that temperature gauge is working.
• Use a good quality coolant.
When car catches fire, what to do
The car overheating is common among the people and they do not have enough knowledge about overheating in the cars. The fires in the car are different from the regular ones and they should be treated differently.
• Do not throw water at the car when it catches fire. Electrical wires can be melt and with the throwing of water on car, it could worsen the situation.
• Do not blow air towards the fire.
• Use sand or any other dry stuff to put out the fire. The oxygen supply needs to be restrained when you put off the fire and this can only be done by covering it with non-flammable material.
• When a car heats up, you do not need to turn off the engine. Turn on the blower at max and set it to hot and do not turn on the AC. Keep the car running and open the bonnet and pour water on the radiator. When the car gets cool down slightly, take a piece of cloth and open the radiator slowly and you should maintain the safe distance and add more water.
Final Words
When such types of incidents are happened due to overheating, or tend to happen during the hot days, the car burning incidents are not related to that. It can be manufacturing fault or something like that. The government and the car manufacturing companies should take the step to avoid the repetition of such incidents.

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