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Your Car Maintenance Tips These Idle Days

- Views 100 - 08 Apr 2020

As there is lockdown everywhere in the country due to Coronavirus outbreak, people are staying in their homes to take care of them against this pandemic. The cars of most of the people are idle in the garage for a long period of time. The prolonged lockdown days can deteriorate the cars over time. Your Car Maintenance Tips These Idle Days. There are different ways in which you can prevent the deterioration of your car.


You need to start your car at least three days so that the battery of the car does not die down. You can start and warm up the car for four days each week, which can help to avoid the discharging of the battery. It is very important component as you cannot start your car without it. If you think that you will not go out for long time, you need to remove the battery and store it in dry and cool place. You should also grease the terminals so that they do not go rusting. You should ensure that the battery is fully charged and water is at the optimal level.


If you apply the handbrake o r parking brake of your car for long time while sitting idle in your garage, the brake pads will get stuck to drum o r disc brakes. In this situation, you will face problems next time, when you will drive the car. You need to engage your car in the first gear and use wheel locks, piece of wood o r brick to prevent the car from moving.


In these idle days of the lockdown, you should part your car inside a garage and if you do not have the garage, you should cover the car with car cover in order to protect it from dust, dirt and rainwater. You should have fine quality car cover, which should be water resistant in order to prevent car from getting wet resultantly rust the body of the car. If your car is locked in the open air for long time under open sky, the exterior paint of the car can be damaged by the dust and dirt. When you go out, you need to clean your car and if you do not go anywhere, you should keep it cleaning. You should also apply thin coat of wax o r polish on the exterior side of the car, which will keep moisture, direct and dust damage the paint of the car.


When you clean your car thoroughly, it can help to protect the car from damage. Most of the people leave the trash inside the car including food items that can be rotten after few days and it can leave bad smell. They can also leave stains on seats o r floor carpets, which can be difficult to remove after few days. You need to remove these food items and other things from the car after thorough cleaning of the car and spray nice air freshener to keep interior of the car good smelling for next time, when you go on ride. You should also apply the thin coat of polish on the dash board to protect it from the cracks during the hot days while parking in the open air and exposed sun.

Flat Spots

Flat spots can be developed and the sidewalls of the tires can be cracked if they are not inflated to the optimal pressure. You should keep pressure in tires at the required pressure. It will help to prevent the flat spots by moving the car forward o r backward once a week o r after two o r three days. You can also jack up the car to prevent the flat spots and the car is resting on the jacks rather than parking on the wheels for long time.

Fuel Tank

If the car is stopped for a long time, the fuel tank can also start to rust because the moisture is present in it. You need to close the fuel tank properly and also fill the fuel tank properly and add the additives. It will prevent the moisture from damage to the fuel tank of the car. If you use lot of engine oil and oil filters, you should change them before parking the car in the garage for long time. The old and used engine oil is added with moisture o r other substances that it gives the damage to the car.

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