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ZYP Magvus 2024 Price in Pakistan & Specs

Fuel Tank Capacity

0 L
ZYP Magvus 2024 Colors
ZYP Magvus 2024 in red
ZYP Magvus 2024 Drive Range

The mileage of ZYP Magvus 2024 is 120 KM.

ZYP Magvus 2024 Specifications

Import Country Local Engine Type Electric
Starting - Colors red
Top Speed 100 KM/Hour Trail -
Bike Warranty - Traction Control -
Power Modes - Torque -
Release Date - Body Type Standard

ZYP Magvus 2024 Electric Engine

Drive Range 120 KM Battery Power -
Unit Consumption to Charge Battery - Electric Motor Power -
Charging Time - Battery Type -
Battery Life -

ZYP Magvus 2024 Engine

Engine - Engine Capacity -
Fuel System - Horse Power -
Compression Ratio - Bore & Stroke -
Ignition Type -

ZYP Magvus 2024 CHASSIS

Front Suspension - Rear Suspension -
Front Brake - Rear Brake -
Tyre at Front - Tyre at Back -
Wheel Base -


Bike Length - Bike Width -
Bike Height - Wheel Base -
Ground Clearance - Petrol Capacity -
Seat Height - Wheel Size -

ZYP Magvus 2024 Other Specs

Frame - Wheel Type -
No. of Cylinders - Seating Capacity -
Battery - Battery Warranty -
Head Light - Brake Light -
Dry Weight - Clutch -

ZYP Magvus 2024 Overview

The ZYP Magvus is an electric motorcycle manufactured by ZYP Electric Vehicles in Pakistan. This stylish and powerful motorcycle is specifically designed for city commuting and short-distance travel. With its eco-friendly electric motor, the ZYP Magvus offers a convenient and sustainable transportation option.


The ZYP Magvus is equipped with a 7.2 kW (9.7 hp) electric motor that provides ample power for urban riding. Its 72V, 40Ah lithium-ion battery offers a range of 70-80 km (43-50 miles) on a single charge. The motorcycle has a top speed of 65 km/h (40 mph) and weighs 135 kg (297 lbs). Charging the battery to full capacity takes approximately 4 hours.


The ZYP Magvus boasts several features that enhance its functionality and convenience. Its stylish design, LED headlights, and taillight contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. The digital instrument cluster provides riders with essential information at a glance. Additionally, the motorcycle includes a USB charging port for powering electronic devices on the go. Safety features include dual disc brakes (front and rear) with CBS (combined braking system), ABS for enhanced braking performance, keyless start, and an anti-theft alarm. The motorcycle also incorporates upside-down front forks and a rear monoshock for improved ride quality.


With its eye-catching design, the ZYP Magvus is bound to attract attention on the streets. Its sleek bodywork, LED headlights, and digital instrument cluster create a modern and sophisticated look. The motorcycle is available in various colors, such as black, red, and blue, allowing riders to choose the option that suits their personal style.


Ideal for commuters and short-distance travel, the ZYP Magvus offers a claimed range of 70-80 km (43-50 miles) on a single charge. This range provides sufficient coverage for everyday urban commuting needs.

Ride & Handling

The ZYP Magvus delivers a smooth and comfortable ride experience. It's lightweight design and narrow body contribute to its excellent maneuverability and ease of handling. The upside-down front forks and rear monoshock ensure a stable and controlled ride, even on uneven roads. Furthermore, the ABS enhances the motorcycle's braking performance, offering safety and confidence on the road.


As a relatively new motorcycle model, specific data on the ZYP Magvus's resale value is limited. However, given its well-built construction and positive reputation, it is expected to retain its value well in the market.


In the Pakistani market, some notable competitors of the ZYP Magvus include the Road Prince Wego 150 and Vlektra Bolt. These electric motorcycles provide alternatives for riders seeking similar features and performance.

ZYP Magvus 2024 Brochure Specs and Features

See latest and brand new ZYP Magvus 2024 full specs with all the features in detail.

ZYP Magvus 2024 Pros

ZYP Magvus 2024 Cons

ZYP Magvus 2024 Features

Anti-Lock Braking System Anti Theft Lock
Catalyst Kickstarter
Electro/Self Starter Crash bar
Topcase Heating Handles
Disc Brake Led Light
Wind Shield
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ZYP Magvus FAQs

The price of ZYP Magvus 2024 is PKR 0 PKR.

ZYP Magvus bike problems can be seen in ZYP Magvus pros and cons.

The drive range of ZYP Magvus bike is 120 KM.

Yes ZYP Magvus is an electric bike.

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