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Honda Bike Reviews

The Best Honda Bike I Ever had
2015 Honda CG 125
Oct 08 2016

Hello guys, my experience with Honda CG 125 has been exceptional. The most outstanding aspect that I want to highlight is its durability and the way It performs on rough terrain. The area I live is full with unfinished roads and construction, my CG 125 handles such terrain with ease while giving me great comfort. I think it’s the quality shock absorbers and seat that makes the difference. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I urge you guys to purchase this model if you are in a similar situation as mine.

Style Comfort
Fuel Economy Performance
Value for money

Posted by Anonymous

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Want to get rid of this
2016 Honda CG 125
Sep 29 2016

First of all look is good (decent and stylish) but the drive is full of vibration, you feel earth quake on the foot rests. The fuel economy is 35 km/L to 40 km/L. Pick of this bike is awesome. No bike except Ravi Piaggio can beat this one in a short race (0.5 to 1 km). This bike is very much over priced , its price should be round about 75 to 80k not more than that. The resale is very good of this bike, after using this bike for three months I sold it for 80k. The honda company has only changed the stickers and reduced weight and quality from 1976 to 2016. No doubt the 1990 and 1999 model of this bike are outstanding but the 2016 is crap! If your an idiot than buy this bike.

Style Comfort
Fuel Economy Performance
Value for money

Posted by Safeer Ahmed

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