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Yamaha ybr 125g Bike Reviews

Yamaha YBR 125G My Darling
0 Yamaha YBR 125G
Sep 29 2016

this bike best but please launch "ybr 125 Custom" in pak that look like royal especially i like exhaust sound of that The main reason of writing this was that when i was searching for the reviews, there were none so i thought of writing it for you guys.Okay, so i loved the shape and had full intentions of buying it, despite hearing that there were missing issues in the bike at high rpm.I owned a Suzuki GD110 before this, 2013 model, that was new as well.. At this stage I can't be sure if this better than gd 110 in terms of economy o r suspension, but it definitely feels like you are riding a big bike.. a bike most of them dont have.My first ride today was amazing, there was not one guy who didnt turn around and ask. Even in office everyone was coming and asking whats this bike and bla bla.Anyhow, its a wonderful bike, I loved the ride. I am still having issues adjusting to the gear system but I'm sure it would get better over time.Please feel free to post over with your questions

Style Comfort
Fuel Economy Performance
Value for money

Posted by Safeer Ahmed

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