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New Faw Cars in Pakistan

FAW Group has the headquarters in Jilin, China and it is the Chinese state owned automotive manufacturing company. When this company launched its first vehicle in 1958, it became the first automobile manufacturing company of China. The company is including in four Chinese automakers and it has third number in the automakers in terms of 2.7 million vehicles output in 2014. Now most of the FAW vehicles are looking on the roads in Pakistan and the number of the vehicles is growing in the auto market.


The history of FAW is started from 1953 and the name of the company was changed to Chinese FAW Group Corporation and it also sold various products under different names including Mazda based vehicles, youth-oriented cars, heavy duty trucks and small trucks. This company is doing business in Pakistan with the name of Al-Haj FAW and this group is performing excellently in Pakistan. This company has provided the value for money and FAW Pakistan is the quickly growing automotive brand.


The cars of this company, FAW reflects the brand image as the company is providing good quality products with the value of money. The company has launched the FAW cars in the market recently and they get good response. These cars of this company, FAW are added with basic safety standards, which are not provided in the local manufactured cars. The vehicles are fuel efficient and they show better mileage with less damage to the environment. The company has launched the vehicle, FAW Hybrid car in 2010, Besturn B50 and it got good response in China.


FAW dealers in Pakistan are providing best possible price to their clients so that so they can buy their cars. Prices given by FAW dealers are as follows:

FAW V2 1,049,000 PKR
FAW Sirius Grand 1,885,000 PKR
FAW Sirius S80 1,705,000 PKR
FAW Carrier 724,000-744,000 PKR
FAW X-PV 849,000-899,000 PKR

The price of the vehicle, FAW for 2015 were same as the vehicle, FAW cars in Pakistan 2016. The price of the car, FAW does not vary as these are new to the auto industry and change in price of the vehicles may swipe off the customers, which the bank offers FAW car finance in Pakistan with suitable payment plan to the customers.


The figures of the car sale in Pakistan shows FAW V2 and FAW XP-V, which are the most popular FAW vehicles and the time is going to establish the name of the vehicles in the unpredictable automobile market of Pakistan.


FAW dealers are present in the market in Pakistan and the clients can make contact with these dealers and there is no issue on the sale of the FAW vehicle till date. FAW dealers are following the 3S concept to provide sale, spare parts and service at one place.


The clients can find the spacious car with same engine power, better safety features as compared to the cars, which are locally manufactured and the products, which have great value for money and the clients will surely for purchase of FAW cars.
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