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Suzuki FX Price in Pakistan

1980 - 1991 ( 1st Generation )

Suzuki FX Overview
First generation Suzuki FX 2020 was introduced in the market in 1980 and this vehicle, 1st generation, FX is the front engine front wheel drive hatchback and this vehicle is provided in the market in 1 variant GA. The 1st generation, Suzuki FX is provided with the modified version of Suzuki Alto SS40 and this vehicle was manufactured under chassis code SS 80. The production of the vehicle, Suzuki FX was continued for 9 years and it was available in the market to purchase in the years 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. During the production of the Suzuki Swift car 1st generation, the production of the car was continued with some minor changes from black to beige interior and optional air conditioning. The price of the vehicle, Suzuki Swift was fairly competitive to other cars in the similar class, which are available in the market.


The exterior of the vehicle, 1st generation Suzuki FX has very boxy eighties design language and the front end of the vehicle has the rectangular headlights, which are polished with silver rectangular grille and black outward sticking bumper. The rear end of the vehicle has the rectangular taillights, black colored outward sticking bumper and the hatchback. The overall exterior of the vehicle, 1st generation Suzuki FX has the features of very minimalistic and restrained design language even for the 1980 production car.


The interior of the 1st generation, Suzuki FX has the features of use of black plastic trim pieces in its early variants and use of beige plastic trim pieces in the previous models. The front and rear seats are made in fabric. Each aspect of the car controls are operated manually and the interior space of the cabin of the car, Suzuki FX is below par when you consider its exterior dimensions. It is offered below par level of interior comfort and refinement.


796cc OHC 8 valve which produces 40 HP

4-Speed Manual Transmission


The 1st generation Suzuki FX can get 8KM/L on average from its 30 liter fuel tank that gives Suzuki FX an estimated range of 240 KM.


0.8 Liter SOHC 6 Valve Inline-3 40bhp@5000RPM

Pros & Cons

Very affordable in the used cars market
Affordable running cost

Availability of spare parts
No air conditioning on early variants.
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Suzuki FX Imported Versions

796cc, Manual, Petrol

Used Suzuki FX For Sale in Pakistan

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