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Suzuki Hustler 2020 Price in Pakistan Specification

1st Generation

Suzuki Hustler Overview
Today we are to reviewing the Suzuki Hustler; let’s go ahead with the background of the hatchback. The Suzuki Hustler was launched back in January 2014. It is a mini Kei Car and a small off Roader designed by Suzuki Japan. The car became popular among the young generation due to its retro and funky appearance. After the official launch of the vehicle, Suzuki Japan sold more than 86,000 units of Hustler in Japan by the end of the year. It is also sold as Mazda Flair Crossover under Mazda’s dealerships in Japan. The car won the 2015 Car of the Year award given by Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan RJC. Hustler is also called a mini SUV.


Aesthetically, the car is featured with a pair of headlamps with a round design and projector lenses at the front fascia. The Suzuki Hustler is not provided with excessive chrome on exterior but only Suzuki logo, and Hustler emblem at the front grill frame. On the other hand, the front of the Suzuki Hustler is featured with a calm silver accent on plastic panel connecting both of the front fog lamp and front bumper. Other exterior feature of the SUV include Side mirrors, rooftop in white color, black doff plastic body molding, side skirts, fenders, 15 inch alloy rims, vertical tail lamp, high mounted brake light etc.


When we look at the interior of the Suzuki Hustler, it has very charming innards and appealing appearance inside due to dual color tones. The dashboard is designed in a boxy style with a lot of straight elements, coupled with the minimalistic round accents at the Speedometer housing and AC ventilation for subpar appearance. Contrary to this, the Suzuki Hustler has 3 glove boxes. The dashboard in manufactured with good quality in an attractive design look. The dashboard is finished smoothly and does not give a rattle o r squeaks on touch even though it is made with plastic. The overall make of it gives a positive impression to the customers.
The car has a touch screen head and other driving aids like satellite navigation, aux-In, USB and SD Card ports. There is also a climate control given in the car which helps the driver to drive car according to weather conditions. The car lacks the cigarette lighter for smokers. There are multiple 12V power outlets in this car. Additionally, the instrument panel packs a speedometer, while the small MID screen also acts as the tachometer.
The car is also equipped with the most demanded feature like multimedia controls on the steering wheel and the presence of idling stop system, traction control, automatic braking system, seat warming, and headlight adjustment buttons.
As far as the seating and space is concerned the Suzuki Hustle has spacious legroom and headroom, both at the front and rear cabin. The seats can be resized by sliding, reclining and collapsing to increase the space.


The Suzuki Hustler is housed with a small 3 cylinders 660cc DOHC turbo charged engine with a power of a respectable 63bhp at 6,000rpm. When the power is concerned, Hustler is not a performance vehicle rather it’s kei car manufactured to give you an admirable mileage in city driving. It has CVT gearbox transmission and very appropriate radius 4.6m.
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Suzuki Hustler Imported Versions

658cc, Automatic Cvt, Petrol
658cc, Automatic, Petrol
658cc, Automatic, Petrol
658cc, Automatic, Petrol
658cc, Automatic, Petrol

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